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  • sy3dney sy3dney Nov 10, 2005 1:27 AM Flag

    ?? for the board --

    What day is/was the access for members of ASCO to the abstracts, so that they can "plan" their itinerary in advance??

    Just wondering out loud, but it made me get up and type this.

    TIA --


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    • Larry, to me an exciting week isn't all predicated on share price. I think hearing about 9 different presentations is exciting.

      I don't know how much we'll hear, but whatever we do will be far more than we hear in the average week. I really don't know if IMGN will issue PR's on its partners presentations, but the abstracts should be available.

      By the way, does anyone know if the Abstracts that we can see are the ones that were submitted nearly 6 months ago, or if they're updates the presenters are actually presenting. I know the posters may be brought right up to the minute, I just don't know about the abstracts.


    • gary,

      I very rarely discuss Share Price, but I will go out on a limb here, and predict that next Friday at the close IMGN will be at a maximum share price of $6.15, but more than likely will close in the $5.70 range.



      Ps. In the past, the few times that I have discussed future share price, I was off by at least $0.25....

    • Very strange gary, but expected,

      That you never even mentioned your switch from a "few years" to the yeat "2010".


      Ps, Also gary, you never responded to my post #62444

    • Windpipe, I'm not saying it won't happen, but you must remember the European Trial is a Phase I Trial, the dose is escalated until DLT and MTD are determined, but they don't dramatically expand the trial as they would if it were a Phase I/II. This won't be a cumulative report of all trials, if it were it would only take one Partial Response in Europe to make three.

      I suspect that if we had all the Phase II data they've gathered to date that third PR might be included, perhaps even more, but that trial was reported at ASCO earlier this year, and will probably be reported at ASCO again next year.

      As per soaring next week, I don't know what it will do, but I do know IMGN's never been involved with nine presentations at a single major technical conference. It should be an exciting week.


    • Sorry Larry, you corrected me on putting a high end Lexus in the same catagory as Mercedes, but I didn't specify the SL500 in that post. Mercedes and Lexus both have high end cars selling at $60K and up, those were the cars I was talking about. I don't think Lexus makes anything that sell for more than about $80K.

      I also think you can spend say more on a SL if you go to the AMG model, and certainly much more for the 600, I wasn't considering those cars.

      I was very surprised how inexpensively I could buy a used SL500 for, I'd always believe Mercedes's held their value better than that. Part of the reason may have been that the price of the car hasn't risen over the years, as most other models have. According to the link I gave you it was actually selling for more in 1994 than it does today.

      Please don't get me wrong, if MLNM goes Pivotal next year approval is possible by 2008, that could move the first split up to then, that's why I said two splits could occur by 2010, but I'm not saying they will.

      I'll be happy with the first split whenever it comes. Once it happens I doubt very much that it will be the last split. The same is very possible for SGEN, but their ADC trial program is at least 3 years behind IMGN's depending on trial results I believe they're at least that far behind.


    • Hopefully n901-dm1 would show at least 3 partial response on the pts treated!

    • since 1999 we have gone through about 12 of these technical conferences...each time anticipating, more or less, some kind of breakthrough...

      we have been disappointed each time...sometimes surprised, as we were in november of 2000...since then we pretty much know what to expect...

      this year?...i don't i mentioned before, this is the first time there was a price run-up, that held, the week before the conference...what does that mean??...

      preclinical data can't be the's never the cause...people have lost interest in the welfare of mice...

      is n901 doing that well in sclc?...what would lead us to believe that? about dna and trastuzumab?...but then that's preclinical...unless there's strong evidence that it's headed to the clinic...

      like i said...i don't know...


    • or what,i dont know

    • gary,

      You just said::

      "I believe with todays shares 1000 will buy the car by the "year 2010"."

      A number of comments:

      First, you regularly change the content of your original statement, to fit how you may have been have challenged.

      Here is what you originally said::

      I am quoting you again when "we started with how many shares it will take to buy say an SL500 'in a few years'"

      IN A FEW YEARS !!...OR. BY THE YEAR 2010!!!!

      When you originally said "in a few years", I responded referring to the 2005 SL 500 current sticker price (PRE TAX) of $96,000.

      In order to use 1000 IMGN shares to purchase an SL 500 "a few years from now", equates to a per share price of IMGN of $96 to $100 PER SHARE.

      Notice your change of number of years gary??


    • Not really Larry. It's just that all cars look alike in a traffic jam (-:


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