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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Aug 6, 2012 1:29 PM Flag

    This smells like a bear raid

    The information is not new as CH pointed out. Shorts need a way to exit. IMO, it's time to buy.

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    • This seems to be more than a bear raid in my opinion. The sell off has been relentless on average volume. Also note that the overall volume in the entire market has been anemic. It appears that it is carefully being stepped down. For who's benefit? No idea. I know that sounds all tin hat conspiracy theory and it should not happen in a carefully regulated market, but just remember what Knight did to a few stocks just days ago. They are not the only company with trading algos out there.

      I don't have much trust in Wall Street anymore. It's a shame too because I need investment vehicles like this to build a 401K, but I have seen a year of gains reduced to break even in a few weeks. Makes you want to take your ball on just go home.

      Chinese Hamsters

    • You know, I've owned this company since the 90's. It is the only stock I have recommended to friends and family.

      I feel betrayed by Junius. I think it is unwise to lie to shareholders. "Plenty of money, blah, blah blah." "No need to raise more capital..."

      So are we supposed to believe you now Junius? How much do you pay yourself? I hope you have some stock you purchased with real money like us retail suckers, so you can share our pain.

      BTW, what incompetent negotiated that royalty rate?

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      • if you were a long time shareholder you would know the royalty rate was negotiated many years ago before the technology was proven and you would also know the current CEO had nothing to do with the negotiation. Dan did not lie to the shareholders, but he could have handled the questions better since this was not new information. This (IMO) was a planned attack aided by the analysts on the call. Shorts win because they were in major pain, institutions that wanted in at a lower price are happy, only the long term owners lose. Time will tell, but I say this opportunity is similar to the $5 stock available after the Roche FDA T-DM1 turn down.

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