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  • jiafli jiafli Oct 31, 2012 7:45 PM Flag

    I am on verge of Bankruptcy

    My wife invested in IMGN because she is a breast cancer survivor and believed in IMGN with her heart. TDM-1 improved patients survival and that was inspirational for her to trust IMGN management with her money. She believed in IMGN so much that she took aout loans against our house and invested into IMGN. To date we have lost over $600,000. The first big hit was when IMGN management diluted IMGN shares. When the price tumbled to $12, we lost big. IMGN raised cash at the expense of our savings, our house, and our children's future. Th eremaining shares we have took another hit now when the CEO announced the royalty structure. To date we lost close to a million. How ironic that my wife survives breast cancer just to be slowly killed by IMGN. With God's grace, I sincerely hope TDM-1 get approved and just maybe, I can get my life back together. I wonder how IMGN managment can live with themselves when they are hurting real people.

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    • I hope your wife gets better but keep her away from the checkbook. MAN, This is Biotech and anything can happen.

    • don't feel financial situation is worse than yours because of IMGN..i bought 300,000 shrs in the 1990s between 2.25 and 7.00 and saw it go to the high $40s (when Allen and Ahem started the $100 club if anyone remembers them) i now own DATA at .49 per shr that i paid 15 to 18 per shr. i've lost many millions and i'm broke and 75 yr old with bills....BTW i also had 150,000 AMGEN at 3.25 to $3.75 before any splits that i sold at $7.00 (before any splits) so don't feel bad. I wish you AND your wife well. for what it's worth: i think DATA may end up being my best idea yet.

    • I feel for you man, alot of people like me are in this stock a lot more then they normally would be because of the promise it represented of a major advance in the slow fight against breast cancer, which like other cancers has proven to be a extremely tough. The bottom line is the FDA has been mum and hopefully will get off it's #$%$ soon or people and funds will continue to lose hope.All this great data from conventions is worth nothing in the long run without govt approval

      Heartless people short companies searching for cures to cancer and other ailments when there are a million other things to short. I almost hope they or their loved ones get cancer someday and then wonder why there is no cure and why present treatments or so debilitating and take so long to work.

      I wonder if that one guy in the FDA is again sitting on the Priorty BLA that was expected after shooing TDM-1 off 2 years ago and now has egg on his face.

      Sentiment: Hold

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