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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Jan 11, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    1000+ Feb 14 puts trades

    It could be...look out below, seen this movie before, large put buy after a move up then a big move down. Fasten seat belts, the ride could get bumpy over the next month. Buying some VOL might not be such a bad idea, it's cheap. Unless someone is aware in advance of an additional unplanned delay, I can't see the price going down significantly from here. Mark this date and trade in case news does come out later and we need to report this unusual trade.

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    • Not worried. Most likely someone wants to get out their PUT positon before the TD-M1 approval date of Feb 26th. That is OK. I am in it to win it, plus an earlier approval is always possible.

    • It looks like despite the fact that there were 1000 puts transacted, open interest remains at a mere 14. So at the beginning of the day, there were 1014 open puts, and someone closed their put position. Right? Now no one has a put position (besides 14 contracts).

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      • OI is 1088, not 14 FYI. Someone spent 50K on Feb 14 puts. Could be cheap insurance hedging a long stock position, or speculation on a decline.

      • Good catch, will check OI, but if so, it could be a buy to close, meaning they options were likely sold at a much higher price and the seller felt most of the money was made, price is low and the best move is to close. Kid, I am not here to advise people, just making observations, people have to be responsible for their own decisions. I hold a LT position and trading shares. I de-risked some of my trading calls by selling some higher-priced calls, but have not sold any stock. I can't see IMGN declining significantly after approval unless price goes much higher first even thought several technical indicators are well into oversold territory.

        Long term, IMGN is my best investment idea at this time. Also hold/trade ARNA and ACAD and a little AVEO (put sale). Best wishes to all, hoping IMGN longs (and patients) will be winners this year.

    • Bioman;

      Your words frighten me... This clown stock has given me back most of ma $$$$. But the gamblah in me wants to hold n get paid off. Is this gonna be like old times 2wks from now? Are they gonna chop up my $$$$. Is this a classic case of hold the loser, but sell a winner??? The torment is unreasonable, and when someone like you indicates what you know, well my cage gets rattled

      This is a tough game.... A bet, but a tough game.

      Should I get outta dodge,,, If I do, it rockets up, If I hold, you know its gonna get clobbered...

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