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  • exgasmaster exgasmaster Jan 28, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    A question on approval dates?

    New to the FDA game and the approval proccess - will IMGN absolutely get a yes or no by Feb 26 - or is there potential for a pre-established delay. If so, do we no when that date would be, and if so, when is it? Or are there certain dates for this type of drug, and after the Feb 26, when would another round of approvals be likely?

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    • ALL FDA approvals are a #$%$ shoot, they can do just about anything they want, from outright approval, outright rejection and just about anything in-between. Often with cancer treatments they tend to lean towards approval even if there may be significant risks from side effects, but that is by no means a guarantee of approval.

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      • agreed, anything is possible, they could approve this week, or delay. They should have approved 2 years ago. As ts said it's a carp shoot. If there is any additional delay someone at FDA should be fired at best since women, mothers, wive's sisters are dying while they are Fdelaying their decision. If there was a guarantee of approval and no shorts hedgies price would already be $16+. IMGN is prone to wide swings, so be ready to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented. IMO, this is looking tempting here, but my buy pice is lower. I don't need more, but will buy if it gets too cheap.

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