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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Feb 22, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    The Future for IMGN

    Let's keep an eye out for new gifts to management on the NASD web site. Current business/non scientific execs had nothing to do with the development or approval of TDM-1 and should not be getting any new free options. John Lambert and maybe some other scientists should.

    Now we wait to see how the launch goes. At some point IMGN will be acquired. At some point I expect the plug to be pulled on 901 and the newer and stronger compounds to be accelerated to the fullest extent possible.

    There's no case to remain short here IMO unless one thinks T-DM1 launch will be slow (doubt it) and 901 will fail (expected, not a big surprise)this year. If both happen bad things angry shareholders will force a sale IMO. IMO wait for higher prices!

    Have to say another uneventful, disappointing day for IMGN shareholders, let's see if management takes more for themselves.

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    • The stock is reacting as if the FDA approval has already been priced in...just a formality run today over $15 and quickly back to its daily trading zone of 14.5 ! It's almost emotionless today !

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      • The stock is reacting from a high short float of almost 10% or 8.2 million shares. With 8 days to cover expect lots of volatility from very aggressive hedge funds unwinding their positions via high frequency are right about this reaction being emotionless from a computer's p.o.v. Short squeezes ain't what they used to be, and this has nothing to do with management. This has been 7 years in the making, and if they get options I would say they have some coming. This approval by the FDA is huge - the $14's will soon be a distant memory, so if you're long IMGN be thankful.

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