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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Feb 27, 2013 8:33 AM Flag

    Pls stop responding to the moronic posts

    Let them fade away. Will this be the day IMGN shakes the $15 resistance??? Junius was fine on CNBC, but nothing new reported. He was pretty low key about 901, very low expectations. Rather than continue to waste shareholder money on this, why not fix the linker, or whatever is causing the low efficacy. Maybe IMGN will go up when they finally kill (or rework/fix)901 because nobody thinks it has significant efficacy, it seems marginal at best.

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    • The only data I have seen thus far for 901 was the small North trial, 30 patients. Of those 9 had small cell lung cancer, thus CD 56+. Of those, 7 had reduction in size of their tumors. 4 of those were more than 50% reduction. There is a poster that you can get to via a link on Immunogen's web site under 901.

      Chinese Hamsters

    • What makes you think he has low expectations on 901? I see the opposite. At a recent presentation Dan said that in a single agent trial a 25% clinical benefit rate was seen in 2nd stage and later SCLC patients, which he said clinicans view as significant. I think 901 is going to prove itself a very effective agent. We should see if I'm right at ASCO.

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      • You have to read between the line on these things, biotech CEO's are not going to come out and tell you their #2 drug in the pipeline is iffy. Cramer asked Junius about 901 and 529. He responded by talking about 529 first and seemed much more excited about it. Also, they planning a futility test before deciding to invest more in 901? Why would they do choose to do that? Because they are less confident IMO. You have to read between the lines and trust your gut on these things assuming many years of exprience and an accurate gut. Again, I am not sure that if/when 901 is killed it will have a large affect on the stock price, probably $1-2 from higher levels and temporary. All IMO. If it works good for all of us, I am not basing my long term decision to invest in IMGN on 901.

    • Bioimmuno, we always see eye to eye, as with Hamsters, but why are you not so keen on 901? If memory serves, this drug excited me many years ago, and now seems to be rising to the surface. If not this wholly owned drug, what else is good for a follow thru to TDM1? Thx in advance. Biobottom

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      • single agent efficacy was minimal in earlier trials. Someone on the IV board said they are using an old linker that Roche found to be ineffective before choosing the linker they used for T-DM1, I can't verify the accuracy, but that might explain the minimal efficacy. Maybe it will help in combo trials, not much works in lung, but I have seen nothing to make me believe this is a real game changer. I do think their next batch of drugs will be winners, but they are in early stage now. I am hopeful at least one of the other partner drugs will be effective and I think T-DM1 will eventually be as large as CH and others have estimated. That's my personal investment opinion/thesis on IMGN.

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