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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Mar 11, 2013 3:59 PM Flag


    Anyone here following this one? Looks interesting, antibiotic for strong, hard to treat bacteria stuff. In the firs phase III their results were similar/non-inferior to the established market leader with lower side effects (sound familiar). The goal is lower side effects, fewer days in the hospital. Results of a second phase III are expected this month. The management team looks strong on paper. The stock was relatively unknown until SA article last week, I had never heard of the company. It rose about $1 fast, but still has a modest market cap of $250MM. Because of the risk, I am playing it through a long call spread, long the lower price option, short the $higher price option. It's worth a look. All IMO, not advice.

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    • Just bought in on your advice, so you better hope it goes up or I will have to kill you :-)

      [Seriously, I did check it out on your lead, and I liked it. Hope we both profit]

      I would note that non-inferiority trials are the norm for antibiotics. The reason is that in the overall setting these basically "work" and it is hard to do better than the existing anti-b overall. So one tries to do the same while improving resistance,AEs, etc.

      I do thing the improved dosing is a real win. Compliance truly is one of (if not the main) cause of failure here. Obviously once a day for a week is more likely to be complied with than twice daily for 12 days (or whatever the exact numbers are).

      I am a bit skeptical on the platet issue (the numbers are just so small). I think all you can really say is that it is no worse than linezolid. The other AEs are minor, but again might lead to slightly better compliance.

      Good luck!

    • Heavily manipulated, but drug seems fine. Going up again with anticipated news on ph3 results this month, then will be dumped again to low 5s or lower.

    • Judging by the state of affairs with existing anti-biotics, this might be worth looking into.

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