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  • jetem1212 jetem1212 Apr 12, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    Pfizer Breakthrough, Possible Competitor to Kadcyla

    Please read Motley Fool article on Pfizer's oral agent for ER+, HER-2 positive breast cancer. Probably the reason for today"s drop. Any thoughts?

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    • You mean where they say " known as Kadcyla for HER2-positive breast cancer was just approved in February. Kadcyla, developed by Roche and ImmunoGen (NASDAQ: IMGN ) piggybacks a toxin on an antibody and, using ImmunoGen's proprietary targeted antibody payload technology, delivers a "higher dose" of toxin directly to the targeted cancer, which has a signature protein that causes the release of the toxin from the antibody. In late-stage trials, Kadcyla improved PFS by 50% over the placebo to 9.6 months"

      NOTICE THEY SAY DELIVERS A HIGHER DOSE.....i interpret that as being MORE EFFECTIVE !!!!

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      • But he doesn't say a higher dose of toxin than what? I think he means it delivers a higher dose of herceptin to the tumor than herceptin alone. Thats got nothing to do with Palbociclip. Comparing Palbociclip, a kinase inhibitor, to an antibody/chemotherapeutic agent is a molecular apples to oranges comparison. They are two different classes of medications that target different processes in the tumor. So I think it is way too early to compare the two. Down the road perhaps, clinitians may have a preference which drug affords better survival, or, as stated it may be a combination of the two, or some different med altogether.

    • Yeah.... if it is the same one I read, the author screwed-up....they stated that the study demonstrated results in HER2 postive, advanced breast cancer in combination with Letrozole, where in fact it was for HER2 NEGATIVE, as you indicated in the header. Kadcyla is indicated for use in, and continues to be researched for, HER2 positive breast cancer, so it is NOT a competitor. The other thing is that the trial was phase II and demonstrated a large difference vs. Letrozole alone. However, advanced breast cancer progression free survival is very dependent on a variety of certain patient characteristics and thus, it becomes difficult to compare one trial vs. another, which the author did not comment on. Likewise, AstraZeneca's fulvestrant (Faslodex) has had similar results in trials, albeit not head on head with this drug. I feel the results were very strong and interesting, but the author really pumped its potential. Again, as I see the study results, this is NOT a competitor to Kadcyla

    • Whoever wrote the article doesn't know BC very well. The PFE drug is for HER 2 NEGITIVE, ER+.

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      • Agree, the author missed the mark here, and maybe it was intentional? The drug they are talking about here is a kinase inhibitor (Palbociclib). This particular kinase inhibitor interferes with a cell beginning to ready itself for division. The other drug it was paired with (Famara) is a aromatase inhibitor, and aromatase is the enzyme that synthesizes estrogen. Neither of these drugs should have any particular affinity for HER2+ markers at all. What is really interesting here is that combining these two drugs together had such an amazing outcome. It does not look like Palbociclib was used as a single agent in its own arm of the clinical trial however.

        So I was actually thinking just the opposite of this being a competitor, but rather at some future point this becomes a complementary therapy. Perhaps due to the mode of action of one or both of these drugs they may greatly enhance the effectiveness of Kadcyla. It would be interesting to know why they theorized that these two drugs in combination with each other would have such a dramatic impact to the progression free survival.

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    • Jet,

      Hard to say but I have a feeling that many expected some dramatic news at the IMGN investment Presentation this morning.

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