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  • insidetrack22 insidetrack22 Aug 23, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    IMGN valuation reflects poor management

    IMGN have so much potential, unfortunately, management here is pathetic. As a result IMGN lingers and flounders. IMGN antibody conjugate technology is technically and clinically significant, yet IMGN management fails to develop profitable partnerships and terms of agreement. As a result, IMGN is collecting pathetically low royalty and milestone payments while other companies is exploiting IMGN. CEO Junius clearly have demonstrated how ignorant he is at numerous conferences by basically memorizing a scripted response and he is unable to answer clinical and financial questions in any great depth. In fact, IMGN management don't even believe in their own ability to manage by hardly owning any of the stock themselves and diluting IMGN when their poor management fails to generate any meaningful revenue. The day Junius is replaced along with his management team that basically uses IMGN as an ATM machine is when the day IMGN will really take off for the shareholders. At some point, IMGN management poor management will catch up with them as IMGN becomes more of a take-over target potential. The minute a takeover or Junius is voted out by the board is announced, IMGN wil easily shoot up 20%.

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    • 7 of the 9 indp BOD members have a bio on Linked-in. I have contacted them several times via Linked-in asking that Dan be replaced. I have repeated that again today. I hope others will do the same. Everyone except Dean Mitchell and Kristine Peterson are listed. We need help to get this company turned around. If they insert Howard Pien and the interim CEO, the stock will go up 20-25% based on his deal with Medarex and BMS.

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      • You do not know the history of MEDX. It was a complete low ball snow job on the share holders lead by Pien and GS, ipilimumab and nivolumab for 2.4 billion was nuts, these are game changing mAbs for oncology. Just reported last month, in a phase 1 given concurrently in advanced melanoma , “53% of patients had an objective response, all with tumor reduction of 80% or more”. Perhaps if you are a day trader and don't care about giving it away, but the value is for the long term holders, and Pien is not the one for that.

      • You're a moron. Why would anybody from the Board of Directors want to be bothered with you a compulsive- as in everyday- negative poster on a Yahoo message board. If they weren't too busy to be bothered with you they would tell you this: If you don't like the way Dan Junius runs the company, sell the stock.

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