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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Oct 11, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Good news for IMGN, bad news for ECYT

    Score one for ADC's over SMDC's this morning. Good news form IMGN and as usual it comes from a partner.

    Not so good news for ECYT. I have been a bit skeptical and avoided investing in ECYT so far, except for one successful short term trade. The potential to penetrate the cell surface with a small molecule makes sense, but not sure how they link toxins successfully to a small molecule. This technology may take longer to develop. Their diagnostic may still be worth developing since many other drugs are being developed that need to know about their folate levels, IMGN might benefit from using their diagnostic. Patience with IMGN may eventually pay off if they keep partnering and figure out how to more rapidly develop a drug to the inflection point.

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    • I always had reservations about ARIA and ECYT. I'm also a bit cautious about ACAD. FDA might see something in the details when they look at their NDA. Even CLDX, which I've been long in, is a bit scary at current pps. IMGN is at least at a safe pps level for buying. I added Jan 15 calls when it dipped down to 15s.

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      • CH you must have missed the IMGN NVS news, I think that's why IMGN is up and the market is up. The damage for ECYT was much less than I expected.

        SD, agree with ARIA, never bought into them. CLDX is probably fine, just got way ahead in value. ACAD has a potential blockbuster product, fully owned, FDA told them to file based on the one trial since the results were so positive, but I am sure the other phase III is still running while the work on CMC. ACAD has a lot more upside, but as you say there's always risk in biotech and they could crash and burn. I am holding and expecting the best.

    • That burned me a little, I had picked up 1000 shares of ECYT a while ago so I lost a few bucks on that one. More than made up for it with IMGN, my largest holding. The monotherapy for vintafolide is no better than standard of care, but I noticed they did not say anything about the arm combining vintafolide with current standard of care. I am quite surprised that IMGN got a bump from the ECYT news. I really didn't think folks were even aware that they had molecules competing for the same target and indication.

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