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  • boeblingenbud boeblingenbud Nov 14, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    Charles Morris & Oppy

    Listening to Charles Morris make his presentation yesterday makes me agree with Oppy or his other name in Investor Village, Exec. Charles who is a very smart guy, should not be making these important presentations. He just puts everyone to sleep. Maybe President Omama? However Oppy should give it a rest of constantly posting the same complaints about IMGN, over and over again. He must live online. When IMGN does head up in price (rarely) you never see a post from him.


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    • wondering if DJ is in hiding and fed Charlie to the wolves, but hoping he's on his way out. Let's see who presents next. Charlie is obviously inexperienced at presenting on business issues, needs more practice. Hope he listens to the cc replay learns and prepares more if there is a next time.

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      • You're right, Bioimmuno. It was a little disheartening to listen to Dr. Morris present. His substantial talents are elsewhere, as was Mr. Junius, notably. Somebody like Roche is going to get a GREAT DEAL when they take over this company. I think Adam F went waay overboard in trying to discredit IMGN technology, which is really state-of-the-art, a complete breakthrough. Too many big pharmas are already partnered, and still lining up, and then there is Kadcyla. But have to agree, when this management team (and I thank them for their service to this point) is swept clean by a Roche, or you name it.... a ton of IMGN's value will be instantly unlocked. Its time for somebody to buy this milk cow. BTW, the big service of current management was to keep the share price low for new investment in IMGN by little guys like me. (Bought more at $13.)

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