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  • biobottom biobottom Nov 5, 1999 3:19 PM Flag

    CHKP reigns supreme

    MRK, SBH, even MTC been very good to me. But I
    never owned any PFE. I think I remember you saying it
    was your largest holding. Think current downdraft is
    buying op? Say at 34? Think they will succeed stealing
    bride from altar? If so, will it be a good thing? OT,
    notice how IMGN is starting to creep up? And hasn't this
    board fallen apart? Its like a chat room for 13 yr old
    boys. Its not even funny like Amp was. Well anyway,
    hope your making money. -BB

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    • You are a stupid person. Much stupider than most
      on this board. AVTH doubled, asshole!

      CTYC is
      getting near a triple.

      Amateur Surgeon has given
      the unworthy fucking board pick after pick. I can't
      get in every one. My latest is ODP. Bought at $9
      3/4's. Looks like it has a base at $12. Nice call AS.

      Sissy dementia. Very nice, Amp. Just right. Don't
      expect a pick from this piece of shit.


    • I have owned PFE for many years. I have not made
      further purchases since early in 1998. I still think they
      are the best run drug company in the

      I used to say without a second thought that they
      had the best pipeline. I can't anymore. They have had
      set-backs with Alond, Zeldox and Trovan (even though that
      was a marketed product, they were researching other

      The move for WLA became an unbelievably expense grab
      for Lipitor.

      PFE sure looks tempting at $34.
      But I can't tell you that it's a steal at this level.
      I don't know how this will shake out. If they end
      up paying $108 billion for WLA, it seems hard to say
      that WLA's earnings, current and future, justify the

      I bought AZN last month. Based on everything prior
      to yesterday, I felt it was the best buy in the biz
      (along with MRK under $80).

      Good luck. I own at
      least a small amount of just about all the big pharms.
      Maybe that's the best strategy now. Nice job if you
      made money on Monsanto. You had to time that one well.
      I never even tried.


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