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  • samps0302 samps0302 Mar 9, 2012 12:42 PM Flag

    Very often a post split stock will

    drop immediately after split for 2-3 days then resume a uptrend.I am new to this board and like this play alot couple days after actual split tue-wed the 13th 14th.The exact reason most stocks take the initial post split plunge I dont know.So much of investing is emotional and news driven I just read a post from someone who said shares will seem cheap, which of course they arent value stays the same just splitting it up among more shares. I believe oil and related service plays will continue up as US politics and policy continue to champion self suffiecency in energy related leglislation. I also see coal making a big comeback, anybody interested in a beaten down coal stock take a look at anr. Any comments on res appreciated.

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    • my friend if you believe what you posted then you will be voting for a new President.
      Thank you!

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      • I agree there defenitely will be a new president, I also agree with the previous two posts in the year 2030. Coal will be around a long time before its phased out, I am not trying to sell anr I dont own any at this time.They have alot of new innovations in clean coal burning, look at electric cars for an example will be a loooong time before they are perfected, I believe they never will replace gas- diesel for the simple fact as they have 20% the energy fuel and batteries are for energy storage not for energy output!

    • Natural gas now is cheaper than coal; run away from coal!

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      • not only that but mining costs are increasing and coal will be coming down as more utilities switch to NG, one of the reasons it hasnt come down more is Obama is helping his friend Warren Buffett who ships a lot of coal on his trains and so he has made it hard through regulations to switch but it is happening and he has made it difficult to pipe NG from the fields, one NG drilling partnership I am in (private partnership) hit one of the largest NG wells in the US and we havent been able to run a 3 mile pipeline due to Obams to hook it up and it has been 2 yrs. one crooked dude.

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