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  • wellcontrol wellcontrol Apr 14, 1999 4:08 PM Flag

    Read Between The Lines

    The news release ( cudd well control in India )
    dated April 13

    1.States that after cudd arrived
    on location in India, everything got worse - Quote
    "The fire spread to two more wells, eventually
    collapsing the platform around the wells". This sound like
    another very expensive law suite. Will Cudd

    2.The same release claims that cudd is a industry
    leader. Let's look at the facts. Cudd's revenue for 98
    was under 100mm while Halliburton's revenue for the
    same services was over 450mm.

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    • Hello Wellcontrol,
      I checked the facts and you
      were right! HOWCO's revenues for the one well control
      project they worked on in 1998 were $450 million! Boy,
      that's really good. I am firmly convinced that they'll
      do better on their next job. With a little luck and
      outside help, they can probably get the job total down at
      least 10 percent! Wouldn't that be wonderful. And, who
      knows, they may learn enough to be able to determine the
      difference between a pump truck and a wireline truck. But,
      that may be expecting too much.
      HOWCO would have
      made a lot more money by sticking to things they know
      something about - like pumping cement. At least, there was
      a time Halliburton knew something about pumping
      cement. With all the distractions, they may not know how
      to do that anymore. Oh well, that's considered
      progress on wall street.

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      • Mr. Spider,
        Lets start off on the right foot
        here. I am a Wel (Boots & Coots) stock holder, I came
        over here to the competitions board to check out the
        latest "poop" and I read what you have to say. I am also
        in the "bussiness" and know that each well has it's
        own personality, you, me, him, or for that matter no
        one can tell each well what to do, it tells you! I
        wasn't on the well in India, I wasn't on the well in
        California or any of these wells so I can't and neither can
        you, say with any amount of honesty who was right or
        wrong or who was successful or not! I don't know who
        you or, nor do I care, but all of the people in both
        of these companies are professional and able to
        carry out their jobs. Now who is better, that is up to
        the customer on each individual job to say.

        When a bunch of "old ladies" get together and spread a
        bunch of gossip it is fun, but when all is said and
        done the fools are the gossips not the one who is
        gossiped about because what goes round comes round. You
        have done nothing but make yourself look foolish and
        very very unprofessional! you will not break a company
        on a chat line, especially one as strong and capable
        as B & C or one as big as Halliburton nor will they
        break or make Cudd. That is kind of like the flea
        crawling up the elephants leg with rape on his mind. Give
        me a break,,,,please!It is time to call a halt to
        this crap and get back to the business at hand!

    • Hello Wellcontrol,
      Everyone knows why HOWCO's
      revenue is so much more than anyone elses. They don't
      know how to kill a well. Eight kill attempts in
      California? Wellcontrol, you need to change your name to
      something else since you obviously don't know how to kill a
      well. No one can fail 8 times! Plus, HOWCO is well
      known for having everything in Duncan on location and
      charging twice as much as anyone else would charge. So,
      that's how revenues can be so high. But, the industry
      will catch on - maybe. You can fool some of the people
      all of the time and all of the people some of the
      time. Anyone who knows anything about real wild well
      control knows Cudd's ability to do anything is greater
      than all of HOWCO combined. Bob Cudd knows more about
      well control than everybody put together at HOWCO.
      HOWCO should stick to running pump trucks and cementing
      wells. There was a time that they were good at that.
      Now, they're just one of the crowd. On any given day,
      they couldn't pump a good yellow dog off location.

      Those statements about Louisiana are wrong, cruel, and
      unnecessary. If you are who I think you are, you of all people
      should not be throwing rocks.

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