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  • roadkill123321 Jan 8, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    trupatriot an idiot...and killing the bears 'thin float' argument

    obviously, 2013 hasnt made you guys any smarter. 1/4 of all the shares outstanding traded in q4. almost 1/3 of the float (bonus stars to you idiots who probably have no idea what 'float' means). that's about the same as such other "stock manipulations" as mon or bg...time to give it up guys, your arguments dont hold water and you guys cant think so good.

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    • roadkill. Do you flack for Lytheum partners? Everybody knows this is thin-float garbage. Get your nose out of penny stock promotion land.

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      • roadkill123321 Jan 8, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

        m.skellern. "everybody" is then an idiot. tell me how a company that turns 33% of its float per quarter be manipulated. the amount of shares traded doesnt matter. it's the volume of turnover vs float. the way you are looking at it is like saying a $400 stock is more expensive than a $10, idiotic. one cant manipulate a stock that turns over 1/3 of its float per definition, you'd own everything in less than a year. another free lesson for you as i educate you...same thing with short interest. total short interest doesnt matter for short squeezes. short interest RATIO matters. you're welcome

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