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  • cliffbanger86 cliffbanger86 Mar 16, 2012 8:42 AM Flag

    Earnings PR confirms strong q4

    You don't state in a PR announcing the date of q 4 financials that you will report record revenues and adjusted Ebitda unless q4 was very positive and the recent price decline was not warranted. You would have simply stated the q4 would be out on 3/26 with no mention on record revenues and adjusted Ebitda if q4 would disappoint. Excellent news.

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    • Why is Multi trading at 3.17 - I know the story, a big selling unloading, but I don't buy it.

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      • i have no reasons why there is this one seller, but it is very clear there is one seller who is unloading chunks of shares thereby pressuring the price. i can visibly see that from the trading.

        as for inside information on something, since it is one seller for the most part, it would be far too easy to trace if somehow MBND did announce something that would cause a price decline.

        this selling is far more typical of a fund, etc. simply getting out.

        of course my opinion, but I am very comfortable with it for what it is worth.

        just being patient.

    • Thnx, still won't sleep well for ten and a half days.

    • Anything is possible but I doubt it. I follow the trading on level 2 etc and it is coming from one source. It would be far too easy to trace by the SEC given the number of shares. This looks like a fund or institution simply selling shares for non/ company specific reasons. MBND is not a weak company in any respect meriting a lower market cap. IMHO

    • Mandel may again want to reduce debt by issuing shares, is my fear.

    • Again, one seller causes a decline. There is no way the seller has any inside information given today's pr. It is just one of those things. Creates nice buying points though for some shares.

    • Excellent points. Mandel is incentivized to increase shareholder values. He wins and do do shareholders.

      Btw, I did look back at last year 4q announcement and it was very standard. Just your typical we will announce earnings on a specific date and have CC.

      I am not saying the 4q will be phenomenal or anything, but I do very much believe the wording today had a purpose in supporting the notion all is fine despite what appears to be one seller causing the price to decline recently.

      Mandel is sharp. No worries here.

    • Besides requiring that the new men have good people skills, be able to lift sixty pounds, and not weigh over 250 lbs (safety insurance condition on ladders) themselves, they are required to have their own vans, pickups or SUVs for use as all of the company vehicles are committed. These men will be in the field doing independent hookups after training and reporting just once weekly to company depots for supplies. They are also looking for more workers at the HQ and regional assignment offices.

      Looks like they are taking conservative steps as they increase their ranks. Mandel knows to grow slow and steady.

    • It does not matter what they did in the past. Company's just don't state we will report record revenues and Ebitda for 2011 on3/26 and then report disappointing q4 results. They have conditioned the market to expect a positive report. I looked at the career page just now and you are absolutely correct. Very interesting indeed.

      MBND is in very good shape going forward. Mandel even mentioned last month they have very aggressive growth plans for 2012. I am hoping for a nice bump in 2012 guidance with MDU growth etc.

    • So, why the decline in share price? I'd like to know.