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  • _panamsat_ _panamsat_ Dec 18, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

    Economies of scale makes MBND/MDTV merger sense

    not at all a "science" project getting assets cheap.

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    • With Carlo on his back, Mandell will probably accede and drop the MDTV, since he doesn't have the money to do it anyway. MDTV will probably file a Chapter 11 and then the lenders will take over the assets.

      • 2 Replies to tery30938
      • On July 9, 2012, MDU Communications International, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“MDU”), entered into an Acquisition Agreement (“Agreement”) with Multiband Corporation, a Minnesota corporation (“Multiband”). The Agreement and the transactions contemplated by it have been approved by the boards of directors of both MDU and Multiband.

        Don't need Carlo's approval, just MDU shareholders approval, Carlo made a "proposal" in his 13D.
        A suggestion based on his share ownership.

        Both BOARDS agreed upon the deal already. In July.

      • ok, makes sense, but MDU in more financially secure hands will cost more to buy the same subs in the future. Why not use the leverage of MDU poor financial situation to get the subs cheap? Its about time the whole MDU industry consolidate from little operators, empowering itself to make better deals with content suppliers, providers like DTV.

    • MDTV is losing money

      MBND does not have the cash to complete the merger.....had they wanted to do the deal quickly why not go all stock even if you have to pay a little more

      In regards to M&A the current MBND management has proven to be clueless.