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  • dickeypiper1 dickeypiper1 Feb 18, 2013 6:09 AM Flag

    MDTV 10Q is out

    Losing $ hand over fist......only a complete and total moron would be trying to buy this company. Even if they gave you the assets for free you would then immediately start losing $. Mandel should be immediately replaced or /fired as CEO.....incompetent as they come.

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    • It doesn't seem like MDTV or MBND have taken advantage of supplying WiFi to their exclusive properties. It's one thing to try to get every tenent to sign on for cable or satellite TV, but almost every resident will want wireless Internet service. Build it out and I bet 90% will sign on.

    • They still have over 67,000 subscribers so there is value there, but I wouldn't be taking on this deal unless they get a substantial reduction in the debt. It looks like they sold some subs last year for $625 a piece. The deal currently values the remaining subs at just under $500 a piece. Still probably too high given the distressed situation MDTV is in.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • The losses that the assets will immediately start generating will far exceed any 'discount' that MBND supposedly will receive when purchasing them. The exception would be if you had a buyer fro them and were able to immediately sell what you just acquired. I think that one can mke an argument that even if the assets are free it is NOT a good idea to take them.

        Seriously wonder if Mandel's office waiting area is overflowing with M&A guys eagerly trying to sell him any and all POS companies that are desperately looking for buyers.

        On another note we continue to wait for the announcement of the credit facility agreement. .......

    • Interesting . . . yeah the deal is dead. Just wait for BK and then buy it out of BK. I mean, MBND has already half the ops, right? How many half-aborted acquisitions can one company have?