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  • sbilko60 sbilko60 Jul 4, 2009 1:42 PM Flag

    Axion has miniscule revenues and only $0.122 cash/share

    If anything, IMO, at $1.40 per share this penny is WAY ahead
    of itself and the SP prices in success with their supercapacitor negative electrode PbC technology which hasn't even occurred.

    The biggest promoter of the stock appears to be none other than John L. Petersen Esq. who worked on the reverse merger with shell company Tamboril Cigar to bring Mega-C Corp. down from Canada and get it trading on the US market. ( along with Sally Fonner )

    Petersen was an officer and Director of Axion and still holds a large position. He lives in Switzerland and has done legal work for quite a few marginal penny stocks.

    Quercus? David Gelbaum? I am dubious. Quercus looks like just another hedge fund that finances small companies. Philantropist? hmmm. maybe, but I haven't forgotten his connection to Princeton-Newport Partners.

    - Axion has never assembled carbon electrode assemblies in commercial quantities and the battery technology sector is moving very quickly with some very big players so expect some technology to be rendered obsolete


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    • I never could understand why people try
      so hard to badmouth a stock which is providing jobs for people? Really trying to make a product that will improve the enviornment?

    • Lord knows where you get your cash per share value, but cash ain't where its at. There's a ton of money in research grants that Axion is drawing in. When you live by a spring, you don't need keep water on hand.

    • Petersen is NOT a promoter of this stock...

      he has NEVER ONCE said anything remotely akin to things a promoter would say like "this should be a $10 stock within a year or two" or "better buy this stock before the end of the month, there is big news coming" or any similar reference to valuation.....he does not encourage people to buy the stock, he just covers the developments in the industry on Seeking Alpha....his law blog was excellent in terms of covering the history of the mega C litigation and the goings-on in the settlement trust....i am grateful for his efforts to educate us and then leave the investing decision to the individual.....

      i have lost money trading stocks before, it is a frustrating game - but buying Axion, for me, is better than taking a shot on any biotech with a drug in clinical trials....90% of them fail to meet the primary endpoint of the trial...

      at least AXPW delivered a professional conference call, has a real website, and is reliable with investor communication, as near as i can tell, and thats more than you get with some other bulletin board issues

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      • betrayed. We could argue all day about the meaning of the term "promoter". You're free to draw your own conclusions. I say he's a promoter.

        Your analogy to a penny biotech is accurate I think. As long as you are comfortable with long-long-longshot odds.

        Earlier you said:

        "in short, my days of investing in Pfizer, Boeing, and Motorola are gone forever, even if it means getting 2% in a CD..."

        Funny, I draw the opposite conclusion and have held both Pfizer and Motorola. Boeing never, but I did discuss their new "dreamliner" project with a 20 year employee last weekend.

        Of the the three I like PFE best because of the current 4.40% dividend and their cash hoard, good mgmt, etc. I bet it doubles over the next few years. You can bookmark this if you like.

        I think Petersen is a flake. He should get off the board. Sorry.

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