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  • jlp_law2003 jlp_law2003 Jul 24, 2009 9:49 AM Flag

    The Bashers are Bald Faced Liars

    The bashers are liars. Axion did not start out as Mega-C. In fact Axion filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition against Mega-C in order to clear a cloud on its title to the PbC technology and then spent almost 4 years in litigation with Mega-C and its promoters. Read the litigation disclosure in Axion's old SEC reports because they actually contain the truth.

    The bashers are liars. Tamboril Cigar was not revived by Sally Fonner! It was sold to me by an affiliate of Sendera Parters (the Hunt family) in a transaction facilitated by a major national law firm. The hardest part of the purchase transaction was getting the Hunt's in-house lawyer to pay attention to the deal because he was busy negotiating Superbowl contracts for the family's football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Read the old SEC filings for Tamboril Cigar because they actually contain the truth.

    The bashers are liars. Mark Dolan is an extraordinary trial lawyer who took an important First Amendment case to the Supreme Court on behalf of Voyeur Dorm and won. Whether you like his client or not, the work of fine lawyers like Mark Dolan is what protects your freedom to have and express an opinion.

    Bad shell transactions do exist, but they inevitably surface within a year after the reverse merger. Axion has been in business for over 5 years and the average cash price per share paid by its insiders (including me) is a good deal higher than the current market price.

    The bashers on this board are little more than financial cockroaches who have no respect for the truth and will plumb any depths of slander, innuendo and outright falsehood to create fear uncertainty and doubt because that's what cowardly third parties pay them to do.

    Liars need to be ostracized, not engaged.

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