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  • the_stock_watchman_007 the_stock_watchman_007 Apr 21, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    New to Axion-is it time to buy at these low prices or is Axion a value trap. Any thoughts,

    would be appreciated.

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    • I would wait for a capital raise before investing - actually, I have my doubts, after loosely following this company for several years, whether this mngt. team can ever bring their product to market in sufficient numbers to be a viable concern; but then biotech is more my specialty.

    • They need to raise money by 4/30. If it's through a private placement the shares would probably be at a discount .

    • If you read a few prior messages, you should know that this board has been ruined by a few disgruntled John Petersen haters who are wasting their lives reliving their investment mistakes of 10-12 years ago. Axion has good battery-chemistry technology, but has failed to get it to market in any meaningful volume. It's like waiting for Gordot while watching your investment value fade into the sunset. It may happen, but the longer it takes the greater the likelihood that its technology advantage will be either eroded or leapfrogged. This is an decent speculation at these prices if you are using mad money that you can afford to lose with a smile on your face. Peter

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      • paultaut Apr 23, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

        "Axion has good battery-chemistry technology, but has failed to get it to market in any" Good but Can't market it....seems like its not that good if it can't be sold to any.

        When Tesla was at $30 and Axion at 30 cents Peterson said Tesla should be sold to buy Axion. Present Investors have a right to be "disgruntaled".

        I really couldn't care less about Axion but I do care about Investors being sent down the tubes and Peterson is doing a good job at that.

    • Most folks I've talked to think that Axion is within days of a financing deal, and therefore you should wait for that announcement and then scope up some shares.

    • go to axion website, go to sec filings, go to 2000-2004, read all, go to most recent 10K, read, talk to trusted investment professional with no conflicting interests.

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