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  • hardcash_harry hardcash_harry Oct 15, 2008 1:00 AM Flag

    DEMS = Redistibution of the Wealth.


    And if you're creative enough, motivated enough, and successful enough ... you'll be punished for earning more than $250K.

    Thanks for the glass ceiling Libtards!

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    • Shut up you racist. You need to go back to your white trash home. You are a retard. We have Acorn and you dont. You are so stupid to think that your party has a chance.

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      • written by dneal, October 15, 2008

        Dayton, OH—In what could only called as hypocritical behavior by the mainstream media, crowds at the latest Obama rally have called for a lynching of Gov. Sarah Palin, John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate.

        The event occurred in Dayton during a stump speech by Sen. Barack Obama, D-IL. Obama blasted the McCain mortgage rescue plan as ‘idiotic.’ He claimed that banks wouldn’t take a loss, but taxpayers would take a loss, and that this was just another shifting position for McCain.

        “This is the kind of erratic behavior we’ve been seeing out of Sen. McCain,” added Obama. I don’t think we can afford the kind of leadership that Senator McCain is offering. He is willing to screw you and grease the pockets of the white fat cats on Wall Street.”

        Obama also urged voters of Dayton to see McCain’s character attacks on him in the context of McCain being a candidate who’s worried that he’s going to lose, and is merely using these desperate attacks to save his failing campaign.

        “If one thing is clear,” urged Obama. “Senator McCain must be scared he’ll lose, because all he can do is personally attack me. All I can tell you is if you want to remain in your home, vote for me, and if you want an eviction notice, vote for Senator McCain.”

        John and Julie Rondogovich, who were forced to move into John’s mother’s house because of McCain’s failure to act in time, appeared mesmerized as they cheered on Obama.

        “Off with McCain’s head,” yelled John Rondogovich. “Off with his HEAD!”

        “And if you think that vicious pit bull he has as a running mate, I mean Governor Palin, is looking out for your interest,” continued Obama, “then you’re sorely mistaken. The only thing she’s interested in is taking us back to the days of lynchings and segregation.”

        “Lynch her,” yelled Thomas Zeller, a 37-year old black real estate agent from Dayton, OH. “I’ve seen up close what John McCain has done to people!”

        “Lynch the cracker,” exclaimed Jerry Spitzer, a 42-year old black unemployed factory worker evicted from his home in Dayton.

        “We’re not gonna let those two racists occupy the White House,” screamed Michelle Obama. “We’re not gonna go back to the days of blacks drinking from colored water fountains. Are we?”

        “Hell no,” the fevered crowd spewed. “Lynch her!”

        With the election drawing near, and the liberal crowds seething with rage, it is only a matter of time before riots break out in the streets, cars are burnt, buildings are bombed and businesses are looted in the name of Senator Barack Obama.

      • With your party and candidate, America doesn't have a chance, loser.

      • You admit you're with Acorn???
        That takes a lot of guts!
        That's like saying... I just robbed a poor old lady of everything she has...

    • GOP = wealth transfer from all to the few chosen rich!

    • Reditribution of wealth is when Obama said his plan is to provide a tax cut for 95% of Americans. He said if you make less than $250K a year, you will not see a single dime of your taxes go up. If you make $200K a year or less, your taxes will go down.

      BUT he did not tell you and no one talk about that out of those 95% of Americans Obama talked about provide tax cut to, 40% of those people don't pay taxes. When these 40% file their tax return, they pay no taxes and they will get a refund check instead like a welfare check, something similar to that $4000 low income tax credit for people don't pay taxes. Now that's redistribution of wealth.

    • You seem to have the odd delusion of the people serving the country. In reality the purpose of the country is to serve its people, not the other way around.

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