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  • Zonties Zonties Sep 4, 2004 2:42 PM Flag

    The weather forecasters are WRONG

    I have been studying the weather on and off for years, and looking at the rader it looks like Francis may just BACK OFF from Florida alltogethe.r i know they arent saying this, but just watch. it looks like it may happen- it just may go back in the Atlantic... Just watch and see

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    • I meant to say they COULD BE WRONG..Again just watch, i have a feeling about this... nothing is certain aa we know

    • If such be the case, could it then come ashore on up the coast, where it won't be expected??

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      • lookin at the 57Z runs, it is trending AWAY from West Palm Beach and other areas it has been battering. The rain bands appear to be leaving, going back over the water. I could be wrong with what i am saying , again, but the eye wall is also doing the same thing. just go to weatherunderground and look at the radar runs, and look very closely

        I have seen storms do this in the past. The weather channel is NOT predicting tihs at all, they are sticking to their forecast of it going over land.

        Let's just see who is right, me or them

    • You are such a !@#$ moron. This system is MASSIVE, its going to cause a lot of damage and potentially life loss.

      You have been studying weather for years eh? AT 19 you must be quite the expert.

      Do us all a favour and stfu.

      If you have predictions, nobody is stopping you from sharing, but don't brainwash anybody with ur crap.

      I personally think this thing is going to turn to a category 5 and kill the entire plant, but i'm not ranting about it am I?

      Get my point? keep you sh!t to yourself.

    • I remember Floyd making a beeline for Miami, only to turn north 50 miles offshore. Gave off a lot of pinkish clouds, so I joked at the time that I finally got to see Pink Floyd.

      Don't think the same conditions exist with Frances. Best result would be if this one would speed up and get out of here.

      Drenching of soil will facilitate the uprooting of many trees, and Florida's oranges and other crops were already hit pretty hard by Charley.

      Hurricanes are all different, and they're always dangerous.

    • I can tell u this. In Tampa we just got pelted with the first band and the thing has not moved in hours.It is getting stronger. It blew 50 for 15 minutes and I saw birds blown out of trees and tumbling in mid air. My dog has taken cover and doesn't want to come out.
      It is worse here than tv is saying for several reasons. The last storm caused major damage and left so many people homeless that the places left this time to evacuate to are sparce. Last time people evacuated and were hit worse where they went to for safety. I have talked to the Keys several times today and during the hurricane watch there yesterday, they were told not to evacuate for thr first time I can ever remember. There was just no space left to send them . Even their shelters are rated for cat 3 only.
      Usually the storms increase 1-2 cats just before hitting shore because of the gulf stream. This thing will cause major damage to heavely populated areas and then reform in the gulf and cause more damage in other an ex wife.
      ps...we have lost power even before the winds hit, but it is back up now.
      As far as direction...the track line has not really changed too much at all. The speed and wobble of the path are throwing everyone for a loop. The slower it goes, the more un predictable it will become to set a projected path....We are awaiting the next one in about 10 days also...projected cat 5.
      If we keep power I can keep posting. Tomorrow will be very bad for our state.

    • stay under cover keep safe. Don't go out!.

    • For God's sake do not listen to any forcasters named Zonties!

      Our prayers are with you.

    • It appears that you spent more time "off" studying weather. Would you like to revise your prediction about Frances now that it hit hard?

      Can't wait until we get your "weather, educated" views about Ivan....

      Keep up the good work....

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