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  • captzorro_2000 captzorro_2000 Oct 21, 2005 6:47 PM Flag

    Allstate ordered to pay hurricane

    Allstate ordered to pay hurricane victims by Texas:

    What's this all about?

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    • Thanks Fubar, I told Adjuster to send his Legal Bill to you. It's always great to get an Attorney's point of view. Just kidding Adjuster, but you get to watch for those pesky wabbit Dawg impostererers the week after next.
      Anyone in Florida--stay safe.

    • Thanks for the kind words. It is rare to have an intelligent discussion about Allstate here.

      I stated you were acting from emotion on ALE because I didn't see you use logic to arrive at your position in your previous post. While I disagree wholeheartedly with your follow-up post, it is well reasoned.

      This whole issue revolves around the enormous unknown liability insurance companies will be carrying for future events and the fundamental fairness of that. If a contract that specifically states when and why ALE should be paid is considered "subjective", I shudder to think what that means for modern contract law and for the business climate in TX and elsewhere.

      Bottom line is if this is considered acceptable, Texans should ready themselves for a major availability crisis and/or massive rate hikes. That is one thing that is inescapably true.

    • Fubar, Thank you for your reply. It is rare that a true discussion even evolves on the Allstate board. Your own emotions are showing as you accuse me of making emotional statements. I live in Texas and my rates are going up on all of my policies. I'm not happy one bit about it. I carry SF vs. Allstate to avoid a conflict of interest. Please don't assume that everyone on this board fits your statements of the last paragraph in your post prior.
      While Allstates policy may state that there must be damage before living expenses are paid is subjective at best. It's kind of Clinton's famous "Definition of what is,is". A persons home goes hand in hand with the infrastructure in that they both support each other. If the house is destroyed and not built back then the taxes are not there, likewise if the infastructure is completely down for lengthy time then the house cannot be livable. Don't jump yet! I respect your opinion and I expect the same from you. Allstate is not alone. These policies need to be updated in wordage as time passes and interpretations change or are challenged in court. In the case of Jasper,Beaumont,etc. the Local Governments were not letting people back for part of the time because the infrastructure was gone. In my own opinion, I feel that the policies were not written to exclude coverage under these circumstances. You can use an Ice storm to a certain extent but this is completely different. I don't give a whit that SF and others were handing out the money and putting Allstate to shame. All. has to do what they feel they have to do. The Courts are there to resolve differences. I hold no ill will for Allstate. I do think that at times they make the wrong move. Allstate puts food on my table.
      My father "wrote policy" for American General for years. He also made sure that "policy" was updated to fit the times. I think that Allstate needs to update more than they have.
      Thanks for the discussion.
      Woof Woof ,Dawg. Keep current on those rabies shots. Fubar is assigned to the pesky wabbit patrol for you next week. He'll catch them impostererers.
      Capt.,I hope you have gotten out of harms way.
      JB, I can't see you,but I'd still like you to let the board know what conditions the hurricane affected people are living in.Very few get to actually be on the outside looking in.In your casae I'm sure that you had to put up with and live in the same conditions.

    • cram,

      Separate the emotion and look at the established contract. The contract is specific on this one in that it does not pay.

      Contracts aren't always perfect nor do they anticipate unusual circumstances. That's why they are specific on what they do and don't cover.

      If you don't like the contract, lobby your DOI to make insurance companies change the wording to include this situation.

      Of course, be prepared for higher rates, even if you live in El Paso or Waco.

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    • ALL is not ordered to pay dividen, they can use all dividen for all hurricane victems to be fare.
      I dont mind the dividens.

    • In 70 years, I have never seen so many dumb people gathered in one spot. The guys that post the same stuff day after day really need to take a break and get a life.

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