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  • whattheanalystsdontknow whattheanalystsdontknow Sep 21, 2011 3:56 PM Flag

    All 52 Week Low

    All hit 52 week low today. Stocks that hit lows tend to go lower. Stocks that hit highs tend to go higher. Wilson has failed. Can someone name one thing he has done that's been a success? The BOD needs to see this and get him out already. Recap: Agents(sales force) disgruntled the majority not a small group. Claims Disgruntled (they meet with the client when the client expects the best). Loss of over a million households. Noncompetitive rates. Poor investments (having to sue to get your money back maybe). Poor returns. Most upper management and higher middle management gone. Old time management took retirement and have left. Keeping bad managers on. Too many consultants with bad ideas and high salaries and stock options. Software and computer issues at every desk of everyone at this company. Bank gone, a disaster. The list can go on and on and on. Where does the buck stop? CEO typically.

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    • Yeah, Here's one for you list of Wilson's successes. He successfully kept Allstate employees from purchaseing Allstate stock in their 401k today at this lower price if they happen to have sold any Allstate stock in the last 30 days. Of course he and his well to do pals can pick up the phone "IF" they wanted to and load up with their brokers. They of course "DON'T NEED TO" obtain stock that way. We know where theirs comes from. Maybe they just about drained the tub?

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      • Well said by both of the previous posters. The BOD for this company has been pretty much non-existant, sitting on their hands for years. This company needs new leadership, both the CEO and the Board need to be replaced. This is a poorly run company. It is funny when you get these pep talks from Directors/Senior Managers about how competitive it is in the global economy, but nobody is running this company like a true "owner". The bulk of the senior management just wants to look good in meetings. There are too many "yes men" and "yes women" in senior management.

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