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  • pboundlly pboundlly Sep 28, 2011 10:19 AM Flag

    Strong technicals

    Technically, ALL is rated strong buy with the $30.62 target price in six months.

    Check here:

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    • Percentage wise it sounds crazy.

      But if your deaf it does not matter.
      If your too sensitive to sound it's a personal problem.

      Market wise and macro wise every stock is up in the air and on the bubble too.

      Put all of that together with this and here is what you have:
      Six months from now if you have a fair beginning to an economic recovery and if the political situation that will not be markedly improved is no worse, you might be a bit better off to some degree or worse off depending what the anxiety level in the market is when, and why, on any given day during the primary elections and electoral campaigns.

      Most assuredly and regularly, you will then be entering the beginning of that time when you typically prepare to strap in and ride out the Allstate buying and cost averageing summer season so you can buy low and sell off later by that next April or May in tornado season looking toward the anticipation of hurricane season. (Unless you WORK for a living AND are employed at Allstate)

      Normally that would mean $31-$32 by January after a poor year's end of year sell off was already well reversing.

      Expect that target in Late October or November hopefully, until early December and then again in January until April or May. That's "IF" things go well for all of the boats in the water.

      Last year's high was very shakey and this Fall or Winter it won't be as easy. My aim is to be expecting at least once that which was regularly a conservative multiple event, a top of not less than $31 between now and the middle of May. And certainly a minimum of $29.

      I don't see any reason to expect any price celebration over e-surance completing.
      I have no reason to expect that Piggly Wiggly and his Merry Band of Alleged Benefit Thieves will be able to convince Golden Slacks, Skank of America or the others to write those mortgage checks.

      Percentage wise it sounds crazy. Factually it should be able to do that sooner than in six months.

      How do I think I know. by paying special attention to it, I make it a special point to try to get that right. I make it a point to be wrong about it as well. Wrong which way? In the very same way and direction as I just laid it out overly conservatively.

      Demand that target comes in and comes in sooner than later!!

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