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  • congress502000 congress502000 Sep 28, 2011 11:44 AM Flag

    Allstate's new announced plan

    Allstate just announced that from now on they will give extra cash bonuses to their top producing agents and will let their least productive agents go. Wow! What enlightned genius came up with this idea. All sarcasm aside, since the insurance business is a sales business shouldn't they have being doing this all along? Isn't this taught in Business 101?

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    • Sounds like a typical Allstate conducted PR Newswire Release. Was it?

      It ought to keep some of the sheeps mouths quiet eating as intended while others get bled out.

      Did I hear the employees all decided to just go ahead and pitch in their Allstate stock in their 401k's and buy e-surance for Allstate as a free loan favor for Wilson's "World's Greatest Boss" Christmas Appreciation Gift, since using their stock to make money was no longer "much" of an option.

      Wow, talk about a rip! Over a $2 spread in two or three days. You can still trade S&H Green Stamps as easy as your 401k stock It sounds like.

      I hope the lights stay on! Geez!

      Keeping your eyes and ears open on the East and West Continents to avoid a real crash but not get bid out of the international recovery is crucial NOW. A big move down could hurt but then again, where else is there from here but the basement? Believe it or know it or not, the US States is all that is anywhere near still a couple of floors above the folks that have been really yelling "fire". given the potential downside risk, it's still cheap yet and cheaper than the U.S. with less downside and more upside. The last few bad days have been the best range in multiple years for prices of international funds. I'm not talking China or India either. Japan, Korea, Aus., Pacific, Northern Europe Fund combination like the (EAF). I could have waited a little later and maybe be just a little better off. Maybe 2%, it's hard to say because I paced in anyway... But who can guess an exact bottom on Europe back in August?

      I'll accept being at 2.45% out of the money very willingly on International woes today versus being strung out on the S&P and dependant on Europe anyway with bigger downside from here not priced in on any given morning. It's the only thing to sit out a moderate position in that won't keep me up at night right now.

      Get to looking.

      No Suggestions For The Shackled Investors Of Allstate.....
      Good Luck!

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