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  • maple6llc maple6llc Dec 16, 2011 1:00 PM Flag

    The Kings of Bait and Switch

    This is one brutal company on its customers. Go to and look at their ratings. Three key categories I would point to.
    63% of their customers say they are unsatisfied or very unsatisfied with them.
    64% of their customers say they are unlikely, or will not renew their policies.
    65% of their customers say the would probably or definitely not recommend Allstate to family or friends.
    So, is it any wonder their results are so poor? 2/3 of their customers don't like them.
    After growing weary of their bait-and-switch premium policy, I canceled my insurance with them 4 years ago. I couldn't take another unsubstantiated excuse for significant premium jumps yet one more time.
    This year, I decided to give them another chance and consolidated all my policies with them Now i have my auto policy renewal 6-months later, and guess what? Up 20%. Yes, not a typo - 20%!!! No claims or incidences whatsoever.
    When I call and ask "why", I get the jargon again..."a re-rating has taken place and unfortunately you are in the group that is negatively impacted" Is that right? Lucky me. So I ask "why, what changed"? Answer "Don't know"? I say "if I want to raise my customers prices by 20%, they make me send them something to support and substantiate the reasons", so I ask for something in writing. Answer "we don't have anything"? Best line was when I was told "I can send you something, but it won't change your rate at all" Oh, ok, no problem. Thanks for answering my call.
    My prediction for Allstate stock? It will languish forever until they have customers who feel like doing business with them, and who will recommend them to others. As it is now, 2/3 appear to be looking to renew elsewhere....including me.
    Don't see how their stock price will grow with that on the horizon.

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    • We will be hit soon by expected rate increases on bundle. There was the expectation of the homeowners steadily rising. Now however it will rise more. The reason is we were recently designated as being in a part of a large disaster area by way of a period of severe wind and hail damage as well as several tornado strikes.

      We happened to have been part of the collatteral damage but were reluctant to file a claim until we realized we would be paying anyway.

      We were denied a roof replacement after the roof was adjusted to be damaged by both wind and hail, requiring repairs for both types of damage and would have wound up with a leaky, damaged roof with unwarranteed repairs.

      Expecting that dealing directly with the Allstate claims office would be a hassle and I would find them adversarial, I instead contacted my agent for help. What an eye opener! I soon found out that the agent's end was the adversarial end! This was backed up by advice along the way later by roofing contractor's and an Allstate adjuster that explained why. But I won't go into that money issue.

      I found out that just dealing with the claims office and letting them know in writing with the who, when, why, how much along with some roof estimates and a request for a re-inspection was the way to go. They were not the adversaries. They say they are there to help and guess what, they actually are. The agent, the "contracted adjuster" the storm chaser roofers" and fear of handling the situation without help from professionals are the adversaries. Not the claims office. I guess if you were to come off on them, the would come off right back on you though.

      After doing the above self-help to gather numbers and my written request to fax in explaining that we were not paid properly, we were promptly re-scheduled for a re-inspection.

      We were re-inspected by an "Allstate employed adjuster". The adjuster revalued the claim. We were then written an additional check for thirteen times the original amount for the roof damage and 25% more for our other damages we were under paid for earlier as well.

      We also received a "sincere apology" for the unprofessional job done by the contracted adjuster during the busier time of the height of the adjustments.

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      • 1) We know we pay more for Allstate than some other companies product.

        2) We know if we file a legitimate claim, the company will be able to pay us. Other insurers have absorbed our insurance company due to the bankruptcy of our insurer before.

        3) We know exactly where we can go to pay, and have paid "much more" for the same product.

        4) We drive past Allstate agents to get to our agent's office. We have had to insist on being transferred from new well meaning but incompetent agent's territorrial rights twice due to their severe ineptitude.

        5) We separate our favorable insurance business dealings with Allstate from the unfavorable opinion held of senior management.

        6)So we know are rates are going up. It was anyway. Everyone's will. If we did not file, we would have just been foolish and sustained other water damage soon as well. That roof that had been damagaged was going to begin leaking "now". It was dampening. The $2500 deductible was worth it. The extra cost of a better roof will be worth the the small yearly discount for the "roof renovation".

        It is this insurance company described above, kept alive by the blood and guts of the employees in this country, and the ones working in other countries that Allstate hides from Ma and Pa Kettle as if those out sourced jobs don't exist that we deal with and do our business.

        We do not do business with the face of Thomas Wilson, his board of directors or his ridiculously offensive spokeswoman. If it were necessary, we'd do business elsewhere.

        So because of Mr Wilson, forthe the time being nothing has changed. I still do not consider Allstate an investment at this time. It is still only a trade. And it is a scary trade at best.

        Merry Christmas and happy all you other Holidays! Don't forget "somebody" else always has it worse off than you! Remember them some way.

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