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  • optionguy770 optionguy770 Jan 10, 2012 2:09 PM Flag

    Closed today - $29.20

    See you in the $30's very soon!

    Best of luck longs!

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    • No wonder you keep coming up short. You call $28.69 $29.20? It's no wonder you buy too high and can't sell part of a position on the way up when it's time to capture some gain against your cost basis.

      It still did not make it to $29.20 and you could not take any profits. I hope you did not weigh too many people down with your foolishness the last couple of "To The Thirties" months when you bought in the $27's and $28's but held it all in the $29's.

      Your buy reccomendations are higher than a reasonable recent cost basis average.

      This stock is down 3-6% at this point for the past six months depending on today's price. Over that period I accumulated a new very large position beginning in at $31. It was more than $4 per share under water from today's cost basis. I recently sold 25% of this position at a profit for the price of no more than barely over $29 and took some profit.

      Now you go scratch your head and figure this one out. This previously underwater $31.00 position is now a $27.00 position and is up more than 6% for the same six months.

      I don't think you can figure it out how it was possible, do it yourself or even comprehend an explaination. All you'd be able to do is keep proclaiming " Going To The Thirties"! "BUY BUY BUY"!!!
      Try Again. This position will sell much lower than your target but net a much, much higher profit percentage than you would predict.

      I'm not going to bother telling yo my running percentage of gain on (ALL). It would just be a waste of information as well as bragging. If I did, it would either make you call me a liar or more likely, cause your head to explode.


      Take Advantage Of Market Oppertunities But Tread Lightly.
      The Nasdaq reached 2726 again pushing the (PSQ) to it's 52 week low yesterday even though the (QQQ) did not reach it's high. This was a sign of a top, a consolidation, or a repeat of another coming pull back mainly due to the sensitivity not only in tech computer and telecom hardware, but also in the Nasdaq listed financials.

      We may see a market pull back as usual over the upcoming weeks as earnings season begins to close. It is a question of how much the financials affect (ALL) and how well (ALL) can continue to progress on it's own toward it's earnings reporting.

      (ALL) has finally made the leap and held $28.00 successfully so far. That was the main obstacle to be conquered. Reaching a firm $30.00 and holding it by the close on February 10, is a reasonable target to aim for as the close of Q1 2012 approaches. Anything less than that puts a $32.00 price target before hurricane season in jeopardy.

      Buy if you must: Below $28.00
      Sell initially: Above $29.20

      No Suggestions For You. Or You, Or You, Or You.

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