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  • gxstockholders gxstockholders Feb 16, 2012 1:50 PM Flag

    Waste of an opportunity to continue stock price increase

    The Q4 beat and the Moody's latest credit release left the door wide open for the bod and Wilson to strengthen the pps further now as it starts to struggle. The stock has continued to struggle with crossing the mid $31 mark.

    After first moving any funds or important assets as may be deemed necessary, come up with a way to announce cut backs in costs due to Q.C. implementations( take them in foreign employment cuts, If the hosts don't like it, leave).

    Announce some hiring here(by transferring more work back to the United States).

    Announce an increase of the annual dividend to $0.88 and announce it pronto.

    Vote to lower the total cost of the overall compensation of CEO TJ Wilson and announce it.

    Do not agree to an extravegant golden parachute in any new contract with TJ Wilson.

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    • Okay, excellent. That was the right move on the dividend without more delay.

      Now implement a meaningful cutback to improve investor confidence. Leave the cheap 401k's and such alone but trim the platinum executive stock bonuses that are not based on long term performance of the company's finanancial health. Tie bonuses to four year term averages.

      These wasted buy backs are useles as well. All they are good for is buying shares when the price is low to acquire any needed stock for future company pay-out needs and should not be announced. Get the P/E the old fashioned way; earn it.

      In the meantime, if it appears management is capable of not inserting foot in mouth regularly this year and getting carried away with drawing up new disasters on the back of pizza boxes, catastrophies permitting the pps might remain above $31 this summer. If it appears possible, I won't sell out 100% as usual during scavenger season. I'll hold 45-50% this summer and see how it goes.

      By the way, those P.R. Newswire releases about giving away $10,000,00 here or there will get you nowhere at all except with whomever you gave it to. Use it well.

      Also; I get the impression I'm being over-charged at Allstate for using an agent. First, my agent would never lift a finger to do anything but give me the 800 number to claims. I'v also been better informed about discounts by Allstate's Help Line. So watching esurance commercials I get the impression the price should be cheaper although it's an Allstate company and I'm supposed to consider moving my policies.

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      • I don't believe the poster fully understands the role of an agent. Most agents desire to help and provide good service. The prices with ALL are the same whether an agent is used or not. ALL's commissions are near the bottom within the industry. Clients are given an 800 number for claims as all companies are doing this now. It reduces redundancy in the process and speeds up the service. However, a policyholder should call the agent to get an understanding of what deductibles apply. If a claim is below the deductible level a claim should not be reported as it will still be counted as loss if it is reported.

        Many folks think they don't need an agent, but they do. Saving money on auto insurance is not always a bargain. Many of the "direct" channels do not sell adequate or proper coverages for the client.

      • Soon they will have no agents,thats what they want.easurance is the way to go better rates 40%lower.

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