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  • boreasgm boreasgm Mar 5, 2012 7:22 PM Flag

    All - discontinued its sponsorship

    of Rush Limbaugh's radio program over of the "slut flap" that he generated when commenting on ms sandra fluke's birth control presentation to a far left democrat congressional committee. The question is why was the woman invited to give her views. it appears it might have been a spin to persuade the far left to vent for obama's push to get insurance companies to pay for birth control devices that he is trying to force religious institutions to hand out.

    On behalf of Rush and a dislike for ALL support of obama policies, I hereby to day canceled my Auto and HO policies today!

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    • Note how Allstate is claiming in some articles that they were accidentally sponsoring Rush, a typical TW piece of misdirection

    • This was a long time in coming. The pill head should have been dropped long ago. Remember his assailing Michael J Fox who he accused of "faking" his Parkinson's disease symptoms. to get sympathy. Now you guys get in your circle and listen to Rash.

    • I am searching for a new carrier now. If Allstate is in the pocket of leftist organizations I don't want to be doing business with them.

      If they pulled their ads from left wing shows/networks where worse is said about republicans/conservatives I could at least say that they are principled and continue on with them, but they don't, they didn't, they never have. Goodbye Allstate.

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