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  • soylentgreenman soylentgreenman Oct 3, 1999 9:04 PM Flag

    Mailroom or Boardroom...

    You a an embarrassment to the company. You should
    grow up just a little. You act as if Allstate were the
    Vatican or something. All big companies have made
    mistakes and should not be above criticism. Why the need
    to defend upper management and the BOD? You wouldn't
    be Janice (used to be Whistle)would you? A sales VP
    who breaks up a marriage is not the type of man? that
    should be leading any company. Ed, Jerry and their $8
    million a year sounds like a good reason to can 7 ROs and
    all those faithful, hard working employees. Probably
    could fund a great number of RO for that kind of money.
    Oh well, can't expect Scientologists to show
    Christian compassion and charity.

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    • Yes, cheating , stealing and lies.
      There's a
      lot more going on behind the curtain than the Wiz
      wants us to know.
      The corporate spin doctors can't
      answer any question honestly. Hell, we can't even get an
      honest answer on what happened to our so-called
      upward-communication surveys (QLMS).
      Yes they are sucking us dry.
      Our top (br)ass(es)can't decide if we are employees
      or independent contractors. The hardest working guy
      I know is up 10% in policy count (good for the
      company) but down 20+% in personal income because he had
      to hire so many people to get to there and keep the
      Nazis off his butt.
      But all this aside, HOW DO YOU
      CASE ANY DIFFERENTLY. This may come as a suprise to
      you, but there are definitions of injury, and limits
      to payment including the ones in the contract you
      signed for. Is it fair to single out Allsnakes when
      readers don't have all the facts here about your
      misfortune? What do you deem a "reasonable" settlement? Is
      there even such a thing as resonable against some jerk
      alcoholic that has caused you pain?
      Don't get me wrong
      please. Every agent here (and even a few managers) hurt
      for you. But in my experience over 10 years, Allsnake
      has treated my people extremely well, even in the
      most horrible claims, very slowly sometimes, but very
      well in the end. I could tell hundreds of good things
      that I've seen, but now I can't believe what is
      Life is a bitch sometimes.
      Sometimes we are hurt
      by horrible things. Unfortunately sometimes those
      horrible things are not from natural disasters or a lapse
      of judgement but from horrible people. Sometimes we
      just have to pick up and move on.
      Hmm, maybe it is
      time for me to find a new job after all.

    • you may think this is a forum for just
      agent/management but what you think does not matter to anyone but
      you. Actually it's a stock board. It's here to tell
      people what this company is about. Cheating, Stealing
      and Lies. The problem is in that dark room your being
      stalked by the boogy man and he is going to suck you dry
      and spit you out. Then management is going to pop
      those parachutes and laugh at YOU all the way down to
      the lobster by the pool.
      Who am I am a loyal
      Allstate policyholder that held policies for multiple
      houses, cars, liabilty and life. Everything you could
      possibly sell to secure a families future I had with
      Allstate. After a terrible accident hit by a driver with
      NVOL because of 10 DWLRUI that has left me totally
      disabled and other members of my family destroyed.
      Allstate refused to even come close to a reasonable
      settlement, were not talking limits either. Now that they
      have been sued and lost on multiple corporate legal
      points that they brought up, a fair settlement
      ispossible. But they stretched it out so long, 6 years by
      now, that they have made my life already a living hell
      much much worse. I depended on this company to be
      there if the worst happened, I trusted (and paid) them
      and when I needed them the most they played corporate
      legal games, putting my accident set aside in the bank
      gaining interest all the time at tax free I might add. So
      I have learned, as a lot of other people have and
      it seems the agents are learning, this company is
      rotten in the core, does not care about it's clients and
      will do anything-anything to squeeze a dollar, the
      policyholders were first now it's the agents. So my advice and
      experience to anyone who has this as your insurance company
      better get another better company unless things change
      fast. The reason I bought the insurance in the first
      place was the excellent agent, I had large areas of
      exposure that needed to be carefully covered, but once
      this accident happened the agent is out of the loop
      and is as surprised as I am at this situation. As for
      you amistad I could care less about you as you do me,
      but I care about the thousands who view this little
      sand box everyday and never post and if I save one
      person from suffering from this greedy company that trys
      to steal everything it can, then I have helped. As
      for your job, I hope your looking in the paper that
      great stock price is your job dissipation light

    • gst4562---Am considering purchase of a book, can you E mail me at with a phone number so that I can get more info---Thanks Bill & Marilyn

    • count your blessings if you have 2.2 mil with
      3400 pif. I have 4200pif with premium of 1.5!!! With 1
      fulltime support staff we do not have much spare time. I
      also open at 8am because that is what my customers
      want and expect. apparently my small town is smaller
      than yours!!

    • Sounds like your doing great with the premium
      base you have to work with.
      To answer your
      posting, 3400 pif and 2.2 in earned premium. Not Texas and
      not Nevada, but I wish our area had the competitive
      posture that Las Vegas has!

      Have you thought
      about purchasing another agency? You could obtain an
      SBA backed loan for 5-7 years and leverage the
      renewal income from the book to add some more staff and
      marketing power to your current book and the new book.
      However, IRS will only allow a 15 year write off on the
      acquired book. So budget properly for taxes if you go for
      a purchase.

    • In the words of Dan Akroyd, "you ignorant
      who are you?
      You obviously have no understanding
      of honesty, fairness, insurance, claims or anything
      else facing the industry.
      There is a lot more
      going on here than your mind could possibly imagine.
      You are largely swatting at flies in a dark-room.
      Everything you say can be applied to every insurance company
      in business, and more than half of what you say is
      misguided and wrong. Why pick on Allsnake? Not that I'm
      happy with them, but it's kind of like you're the
      neighbor calling my brother stupid- that's MY job, I can
      say he's an idiot but you're not allowed.
      I guess
      I feel that this is largely an agent/management
      forum and you aren't really needed at this
      From what I've read of other replies to your posts,
      there are others that feel the same way.
      So pick up
      your Readers Digest "Family Lawyer Hints and Wisdom"
      and go home please. You're boring me.
      Have a nice day and don't forget to contact your agent
      for a policy review. (And choose a deductible that
      you can live with; an honest contractor won't try to
      hide it in his estimate.)

    • I make it a practice to never tell someone it
      can't be done, because you'll get run over by someone
      who's doing it. Let me guess, you're agency is in
      Texas, or maybe Las Vegas?
      In states such as Texas
      with competitive rates and high premiums I would hock
      the farm and strive for growth.

      From the
      details in your post it sounds like you have 2375
      accounts and 2.7 million in premium. In many areas of the
      country premiums are low but uncompetive. Iowa,
      Minnesota, Wisconsin are examples.

      My 2500 accounts
      yield $1 million in premium, I have grown rapidly at
      times, and will add 150 pif this year. Expense control
      is an essential element in a low premium area. I
      have a full time receptionist whose been with me for 8
      years, she great but not licensed.
      BTW I added
      250 shares of ALL to my account today.

    • One who depends on another for support without
      Leeches suck and suck and suck till all the blood is gone
      and then leave- fat full and happy just like Allstate
      management and their decisions on how to run a company

    • Does anyone know if MMIN "Market Management
      Information Network" is still in existence and being
      utilized? I worked on this project back for a year in
      Mundelin, Il. back in 1995.

      I'm no longer with the
      company, but I'm just wondering.

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