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  • Crow_man_93062 Crow_man_93062 Oct 6, 1999 10:33 PM Flag

    Crowing a possible solution

    One of the greatest aspects of the message boards
    is the freedom to debate. This forum is nationally
    available to anyone with a computer. It is well known by
    most that our issue is the bad faith Allstate has
    exercised during the handling of the Northridge Earthquake
    Disaster. Whenever possible I tried to substantiate our
    allegations by providing links or URL's to reputable sites.
    After, the 20/20 TV coverage and radio coverages we
    thought the HO would recognize the mistakes that occurred
    under their lead. Allstate did nothing. I have thought
    about this and I believe the reason is similar to other
    cases that recently have obtained settlements. The
    January settlement where Allstate agreed to pay a $120
    million lawsuit settlement. Allstate was accused of
    deliberately falsifying homeowner policies estimates are for
    as many as ONE MILLION California policy holders
    were defrauded. Pay instead of fight? To verify go to: -- Some argue that it is cheaper to settle than
    to fight. At $120 Mil being cheap tells me that a
    fight might have revealed more than Allstate wanted.
    Just as the Allstate employee lawsuit inadvertently
    revealed that Allstate had lied. Not only to their own
    employees but to the IRS. (I wonder what their are saying
    to the FBI?)---That should be enough to bring most
    readers up to date on our position. During the past few
    months I have made posts to influence investors to
    choose wisely in according to their conscious. However,
    I have received mostly just ripostes from
    individuals with active moral issues. I feel sorry for these
    people. Even after I have tried to reduce my concepts to
    the lowest common denominator by the use of village
    euphemisms. They still don't get it. Maybe this is root cause
    of Allstate problems. Individuals that have not
    found a method of morally relating to other people.
    Whose only goals and aspirations is the obtainment of
    wealth and power. In my experience these people are like
    cancers. Maybe your HO has a cancer? From what I can read
    of the posts many are acting in a professional
    manner. However, those Cancer's prove my case by their
    own venomous posts. Everyone can recognize a scorpion
    by it vengeful sting. Has any one suggested
    organizing all the good cells and mandating the surgical
    removal of the cancer? Labor have their unions. What do
    you have or could organize to serve as your first act
    of defiance towards the HO cancer. A disease that is
    eating Allstate from inside out. It would serve both our
    causes to end this grave injustice. There are more of
    you than all of HO demand the direction that makes
    things right.

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