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  • stokes59_99 stokes59_99 Nov 6, 1999 12:27 PM Flag


    Anyone Have idea of the production requirements. Are they going to be within reason. Is it going to be grow a particular %
    or What?

    Any information is appreciated
    Texas - NOA

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    • We agree on the health of disagreement! That is a

      I was under the impression that ALL distributed
      computers to the agency forse based on the size of the
      agency force. Is this incorrect? If I am right, then the
      cost of providing computers is a function of the size
      of an agency. Barring the original mainframe which
      is, in truth, being eliminated. Other expenses you
      mention are, as I am sure you will admit, insignificant
      (ie, postage & fewer pages in the directory) The only
      exception is the cost of training. But, the cost/ benefit
      ratio of training must be evaluated if there are
      inequities there.

      I do not follow how overall
      profitability and overall retention can be evaluated on agency
      size alone. Clearly a small agency could provide
      better or worse service to ALL and the customers
      depending on specific circumstances. An argument could be
      made that, the smaller the agency, the more
      personalized the service. Also, I can see the argument that
      larger agencies would have revenue for larger staff,
      etc. In either situation service could be very poor or

      We will agree that there are hiring
      errors made. But, probably more significant is the
      transformation of the agents job over the last three decades.
      Many of these agents never signed on as business
      owners and are better equipped for straight "floor"
      sales. I don't know the solution there, but a fair "buy
      out" is common in every company where the old are
      unable to make transition in the new era.

      post that struggling agencies are no benefit to ALL. I
      would think that struggling agents would be forced to
      look in the mirror and make decisions for their
      future. However, agents that are threatened and face job
      security issues do not make for happy, successful
      ambassadors for ALL.

    • does not go to the manager it goes to the agent or employee that refers the hire....FYI

    • Actually, hiring bonuses still exist in sunny CA! Earn $2500 for a referral of an agent, or Agency Manager trainee.

    • isn't the success bonus a clever disguise for a hiring bonus? no new hires no success bonus.

    • Just FYI, there has not been a hiring bonus for at least the last two years

    • please share your ideas on current events an future possibilities.

    • More agents do not seem to produce more business.
      State Farm has 16,000 agents All has 15,500. State Farm
      has more then twice as much market share. State Farm
      has maintained a long steady pace of competitive
      pricing steady underwriting, growth in up and down
      markets. ALL has a history of going to extremes.
      Foundation for growth in 1984 was the begining of convulsive
      growth which was followed by emergency reserve recovery
      and wholesale dumping of business in the early 90's.
      Agents who have been through these wild gyrations over a
      long career just roll their eyes and make the best of
      a bad situation. Management's lust for growth today
      will be followed by tomorrow's rejection of all new

      If Allstate had plotted a steady course the past 15
      years we'd be bigger than SF and all would not have
      hired 10s of thousands of now failed agents whose
      reward for their ALL career was a visit to bankruptcy

    • I may not know how to run my local Sears
      but I've got a lot to offer ALL. Sure we think alike
      but we need a few more like us to bail the water and
      get this baby afloat. Titanic it ain't but it sure
      isn't the QE 2.

    • Does that mean that we again agree?

    • ALL needs to realize that the answer is not to
      oversaturate the markets with agents. The answer is to bolster
      the agencies that are producing. Make bigger agencies
      out of the accounts of the nonproducers. Take the 400
      PIF guys and give their accounts to those who desrve
      them. The producers will put the required $ in the
      agency so that effective marketing and well staffed
      customer service can be achieved. Even the guys who
      consistently produce right now have to scrape by. That should
      not be the case. Give them the resources and watch
      them go. On the 16th give the top third in your region
      all of the 609000 accounts that have been hoarded. I
      MEAN GIVE THEM THE ACCOUNTS!! None of this wait half
      of your career while you service and we keep the
      commission crap. Give it with full comp. Do it for the
      agentless customer, the agent, and for the company. Next
      stop giving bonuses to AMs for hiring. Number one it
      is there job to hire if there is a need and Number
      two They hire any yohoo who can answer the little
      computer test the way we think a traditional sales guy/gal
      should. I am appalled at these crazy hiring practices.
      ITs the end of the year so I guess AMs are on the
      prowl for fresh Bonuses(unqualified people).

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