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  • Gary_LV Gary_LV Apr 14, 2000 10:10 AM Flag

    Hey guys

    You are a little quick to jump the gun. How would
    you like a little "facts" with your

    If you are interested in the truth----I will be
    publishing it. Aren't transcripts a wonderful thing. This
    case wasn't sealed.

    It isn't over till it's
    over. I don't hear any fat lady singing

    Steve---Lets see if you can figure this one out.

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    • I will accept your kind offer. As an Allstate
      employee, I am trained to believe whatever I hear! I will
      not question the validity of the offer, but I do need
      to know where to send my stock.

      You know you
      are getting a good deal because I heard through a
      reliable Allstate source that the company is going to have
      a stock value of $65 in a year, which will make me
      rich as long as I stay a loyal employee. If I am bad,
      all I will get is coal in my stocking.

      again for being so nice.

      Long live Liddy!

    • well said!


      would like everyone who believes that to please email
      for a prospectus on my Brooklyn Bridge Ownership
      Corporation. Be the first on your block to own stock in the
      Brooklyn Bridge. Allstate shareholders may trade stock two
      for one. (That's two shares of ALL for one share of
      BRK ;')

    • allstate is now willing to fully
      all the northridge earthquake victims fully!
      we quote you on that? What division of allstate do
      you work?

      may we have the press contact
      you directly?
      why don't you answer my question?
      Are you afraid to respond? Please, don't be.

    • underlying(or should I say overlying)self-hate inclinations),
      have absolutely no self control or self respect. They
      will hang on forever, causing extreme embarrassment
      not only to themselves but to others who feel sorry
      for her.

    • Now there you go again running off with your hate
      philosophy and slander.

      Don't you have an ounce of
      integrity or even a semblance of personnal

      You are an embarrassment to even the other hatesites
      scammers who apparently are slightly less addicitve than
      your minute by minute proclivity to post

      We all know you have no life, so maybee you can do
      the right thing.

      Now that would be a great
      contribution to society and you would be remembered far better
      for doing the right thing than your present

    • We have tried welding cables with heavy-duty
      marine batteries to no avail--we'll see if we can't slip
      in a double large size of Thorzine since these are
      basically horses' behinds with little or no active brain
      power. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • will be the Minister of Interior for the gang of
      four. In charge of the "secret police" ie nut cases.
      Minister a few of your minions are clearly restless I
      suggest an upward adjustment in the Prozac medication or
      a large shot of Thorzine (it worked on one of my

    • >> That said, I would liked to have seen
      all of the companies refuse to submit to the
      extortion by the insurance comissioner.

      Oh come on,
      they were paying bribes to Crookenbush, whom they
      helped elect with millions in "donations," so they could
      get out of huge Deserved fines.

      Now that the
      game is up, they are distancing themselves from their
      former partner in crime. Now he's the Falllll

      There will be more coming out about Quackenbush
      regarding some companies of which he is legal
      representative before the very commission which regulates them.
      This is not common knowledge, but talk about conflict
      of interest. He is not a clean guy -- but his
      suddenly-reformed buddies in the industry are no cleaner.

    • will be too busy serving jail time to worry about
      their jobs--which, if the culture holds true, will be
      waiting for them when they finish serving their

      More than lack of integrity is involved here. People
      seem to be dancing around the issue that this behavior
      constituted a felony. It's called graft.

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