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  • chemo_informatics chemo_informatics Jan 23, 2008 8:24 PM Flag

    So you are complaining that WX is not DNA or PFE?

    I hope the investors here recognize the pretence of one certain poster and his agenda. When WX dips, he claims he was shorting it and covered, but never has posted it in real time when and where he/she shorted it in the first place, of course. There are many insecure people doing this sort of "THING" in the cyberspace to get other people's attention, and hopefully, to establish his "credit-worthiness". These types of posters often also claim they know certain big shot and the likes, to try to give you the impression that his/her ranting and rambling is no-nonsense. Don't fall into the trap and waste your time to "battle" IT; keep in mind that most deep-pocket investors don't have the time to post on the message board that often. Ignore all noise and just ask yourself one question for every one of the stock you hold in your accounts: "Is there a better alternative that offers more upside potential than this one in near term/or intermediate term/or long term, depend on what type of investor (or trader) you are".

    In reference to the following posting from our resident pretender, quote: "To answer another poster's question,...I would like to WX to use the windfall it got from IPO to dig in and actually develop itself into somewhat of a genetek, pfeizer, and alike. One can not hype itself into that league....".

    To wit, DNA has been founded for more than 30 years (many splits), PFE more than 158 years (many splits), WX was only founded in 2001; I'm sure you have all been annoyed by some talkative lady in the back seat exhaling in nervousness in every turn you take or give you some "driving directions" while you have the wheel.

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