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  • kingbananamonkey kingbananamonkey Mar 15, 2012 10:49 PM Flag

    SEC Investigation Details

    This is a public document, but one that is hard to find via search engines. I will post only the pertinent details.

    Again, it appears that JAG is merely a victim. Again somebody (my guess Chinese) bought a whack of stock before the "leak" of the Shandong news. Now shares are frozen (before they could sell them?). Is it possible this is a possible "scam" with connections with Shandong?

    The "Civil Cover Sheet" has stamped 11 CIV 8764 by Judge Swain. Dated December 02 2011.

    Plaintiff is US Securities and Exchange Commission.

    Defendants is "One or more unknown purchasers of common shares of Jaguar Mining Inc."

    Cause of Action: 15 USC 378;(b) - insider trading

    "The purchases of securities of Jaguar Mining were made through an account at UBS Securities, LLC (and its affiliates) by one or more unknown purchasers between October 21, 2011 and November 15, 2011, and were made in advance of a public announcement on November 16, 2011 that Jaguar Mining had received an unsolicited takeover offer from a Chinese company called Shandong Gold Group Co..."

    "The identities of the defendants are not yet known because the purchase orders originated through a foreign brokerage firm. A U.S. affiliate on that firm, in turn, effected the purchases through the NYSE..."

    "The Jaguar Mining common stock purchased in the ZH**** account (totaling over 2.9 mm shares) was delivered to Brown Brothers Harriman in New York, which continues to have custody of most of those shares in an account in the name of SIX SIS AG, a firm that offers settlement and custodial services and is based in Switzerland." (Interesting that they have custody of most, but not all, so would it mean the unknown defendants were trying to sell the shares?)

    Counsel included:

    Gerald Hodgkins
    Douglas McAllister
    Matthew Finnegan

    Respectfully submitted:

    Mark Lanpher
    Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel
    100 F. Street N.E.
    Washington, D.C.

    (Even though it is a public document and has Mark's phone number on it I thought out of respect that I won't post it. But anybody will know with certainty that is an SEC website so anybody that may want to full document should email him.)

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