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  • blueline_4321 blueline_4321 Apr 6, 2012 11:44 AM Flag

    JAG has alot of company

    Sure looks like JAG has a lot of company. Most gold stocks are now trading near yearly lows too, as is JAG.

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    • Responding to your numbers:

      1a. YOU say "They have declined that offer from the start." - that is absolutely false - show me something that says JAG has declined the Shandong offer. Why don't you wait to see exactly what the BOD has done or hasn't done. Shandong's offer is in the pot along with all others.

      "Hmmmm... lets see the stock is at 4.12 right now from a high of 8 bucks after the news of the offer being made. Then they enacted a poison pill, now they haven't exactly said No, but the stock price speak for itself"

      "On the other hand I did say they have until the end of Q2 to make their final decision."

      So, to counter your question D, What if they reject all offers after the review process and say we are going it alone. What would you say at that point? The stock isn't going to 9.30 with the back drop of massive dilution because they don't have the money for their new projects. Can you at least agree that if they reject all offers after Q2 that they have broken their duty to shareholders at that point?

      1b. YOU say "After 5 months of saying no and a recent horrific quarter.". Of course no one has said "no" to anything, and don't lay the totality of the "horrific quarter" on the BOD or JAG. Look at all the smaller gold miners - most of them are 20% lower than JAG for the 6 month period. Gold is losing it's glimmer....get over it. Maybe it will come back (soon I hope). Another thing is that you and everyone here knew at the end of the 3rd quarter that the ball mills were self-destructing and the company told you it would take the 4th quarter to get them fixed. I'm not totally happy with the 4th quarter numbers either - I didn't expect those ball mills were going to have such a large impact. But that makes me an idiot.

      Here - look at this link (I hope it works...), it shows the last 6 months of JAG along with some other Brazil type gold miners (I've been steadily watching this).

      "That wasn't just a miss, that was a Horrific miss. I mean if you can't make money now in gold when are you ever going to make money. Plus the draw down of cash on their balance sheet horrific also."

    • I'll bet you that the JAG BOD made all of those go down too...

      Better add that to the bogus classaction suit. I wonder what else we can blame on them...

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      • @Diehlr

        Here is a honest question for you because clearly you don't believe the BOD has done anything wrong, except have poor judgement.

        Now you know the timeline as much as I do so I will keep it brief.

        1. Jaguar got an offer for 9.30 a share last November. They have declined that offer from the start. After 5 months of saying no and a recent horrific quarter. The BOD direct action was to enacted a poison pill to prevent the company from being taken over in a hostile action.

        Considering that the stock price is now at 4.12, clearly down from the $8 level it was when the news was released. Do you believe they have "in their own words" the BOD has maximized shareholder value since they announced their review process on November 16, 2011?

        Be curious to hear your response.

      • The JAG board members are too old to mine gold in Brazil...
        replace them with any young workers would do better job than them, I belivev!

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