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  • diehlr1 diehlr1 Apr 16, 2012 5:54 PM Flag


    The less word leaks onto the street the better.

    Do it. Do it right. Get'R Done :-)

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    • Perfect!

      hmmmm.. I wonder what bad looks like for you then

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      • Ahhhh Ohhhhh....Logan is picking on me - I are afraid :-)

        You are the nut cases that invest in companies that you don't understand and can't seem to understand their BOD's.

        I don't see how you can put up with yourselves. The BOD you have right now is the same one you had a year ago (except for John Andrews).
        They weren't exactly the best then and they aren't now. The "reorganization" of the BOD hasn't seemed to change anything that we know of, except we may be getting a little more down-to-earth production estimates.

        As for this whole Strategic Review goat rope...they told you exactly what they were going to do - and they are doing it. If you didn't like what they were doing when they said it, why didn't you sell and take your losses? Your measly number of shares (nor mine) isn't going to change the direction of the BOD. Did you think you could "whine" them to death ?

        So now your whiny little butts are stuck. Sell now and take your losses or hold and wait to see the outcome of this whole thing.

        Heck some of you cucks are even buying more while whining about what the BOD is doing - now that makes sense. Take your money and put it in LO - guaranteed profits - and pretty dang nice ones too.

        Why are you gambling on something you don't even like or believe in?

        I think you need to take a "time-out"

        Love and Kisses

    • Still a fan of the Gary German I see Mr. Diehlr1

      Fair enough, we all have our methods to our madness.

    • i sure hope you're right. i'm not a big fan of silence when dealing with a public company. if bod gets a deal done upwards of $8/share or so, and in a timely manner, i think shareholders will be pleased. anything much less and/or drawn out negotiations, and they will be held in contempt.

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      • I subscribe to many newsletters. All of the columnists are cheerleading gold. All of them are speculating much higher prices and citing the financial problems in the U.S. and Europe. However, every time that you watch CNBC, very few are recommending to buy the miners. I think that JAG is an exception though. Also, I don't think that Shah would have put his reputation in jeopardy on national television (CNBC). I believe that a deal will be made and in the case of JAG, silence is "Golden".

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