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  • gameravision gameravision Aug 11, 2012 4:55 AM Flag

    MY Price Prediction For Next Week.

    Monday open- $1.10 low- $1.04 high- $1.32 close $1.29

    Tuesday open- $1.29 low- $1.26 high- $1.50 close $1.47

    Wednesday Trade between $1.47 - $1.75 will not go over $1.75 (Major Fibonacci Confluence Zone)

    I think the week will close at $1.57.

    These are my predictions. I am curious to see what others say.

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    • chul chungt
      should be shorter shorts ...
      before you post something think maybe you don't have anything to think with so..

      jag has minimum 6 milj m&i
      gbg has 9 milj m&i we ar not talking about inferred

      market cap gbg 285 milj
      jag 92 milj

      so jag must go to 2,5 to have same value as ghb with is also very undervalued

      so just shut up if you just here to post crap because you are short

      • 1 Reply to frkbe
      • GBG has more gold reserve relative to its market, than JAG. M+I category gold does not mean much. We need to compare gold reserves.

        JAG says they will try to generate profit soon. But the key reason why they are losing money is because the production is not strong. They invested a lot in the infrastructure, and have to keep paying a lot to maintain the infra. To increase the production, they need to spend more capex (while they are currently losing money). Why could they invest more when their cash is very little? JAG says that they will shut down one of the mines. Well, you know that it costs a lot of money to start up a mine after a shutdown. Look at the cash position and the debt. How will you manage the finance?

    • The share price will fall below $1.00 in the next few days. This company is losing money while the debt far exceeds the total cash. The company is heading for bankruptcy. In another measure of the company value, JAG has less gold reserve relative to its market cap, than GBG. The share price will go down to $0.50 in a couple of weeks.

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