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  • brettbaker8899 brettbaker8899 Jan 3, 2013 10:28 AM Flag


    Why do you go on other boards boasting about JAG's 20% gain yesterday? You tell everybody there that you sold out for a massive gain. Did you forget to mention you were pumping this at a much higher price? I really don't understand guys like you. Is it an ego thing? Oh well, best of luck to you. I'm sure you don't need it though. I bet you've never lost money on a trade in your life, right?

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    • hey brett.reason i tell other boards about jag is to get them interested...maybe they can make a buck doing it...yes ive lost money,but always get it back....i add to losing works for me...afterall its about percentage gains on your paper money....its called the wash cycle try i added to jag in the low 70 cent area today....let it go to 60 or 50...i will add bigtime....if you think you can buy and hold in this rigged sector,your smoking some really good stuff...i have a family to feed to so losen up and lets make some fiat...

    • No offense, money made is money made. If you're lucky enough to turn a profit you should. If you're even smarter and buy back the same or larger position at a similar or lower cost basis... Its how you grow wealth. Sticking with a dog and not cashing off volatility is kinda dim witted. Occasionally, you'll miss a pop but if you're turning a profit why be jealous?

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