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  • bbiiggddooggyy bbiiggddooggyy Dec 23, 2003 12:41 PM Flag


    The least profitable are always the first to scream to Congress for protection from competition.

    This board of directors should be replaced as they are out of constructive ideas.

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    • This is not true and maybe if you had a business that has been directly affected by the unfair trade practices of China and other countries you may feel differently. We as American companies have many regulatory mandates we must comply with. Example: workers comp, epa, OSHA, etc. This in turn affects overhead. We also must give our employees favorable working conditions, competitive wages and benefits. The furniture industry is notorious for offering lower wages and we still can't compete. The Chinese companies are polluting the air and water you and your children will ultimately drink and breathe and we as Americans don't care. All we care about is how cheap we can get their products and talk about how inefficient our American manufacturing plants are. This is bullshit! Maybe when we loose 1/2 of our quality white-collar jobs(engineers and programmers)and no one can afford these cheap Chinese products and services we will realize this whole UNFAIR trade deal hasn't worked!

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      • hkeeper,
        Well put. I'm on your side. I do not agree with your statement that we can't compete though. We are competing today in quality, service and delivery and there are still many plants that are efficient and are working hard to become even more efficient. The industry has been famous in the past for low wages but on average w/out benefits 10.50-11.00/hr isn't awful. Don't throw in the hat. Nothing lasts forever and eventually the Chinese will be like the Taiwanese about 15 years ago. Everybody thought they would take over the furniture industry.

    • Very astute comments. Your ignorance is worth nothing more than the aforementioned three words.

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