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  • hillaryclintoon hillaryclintoon Jul 4, 2010 2:13 AM Flag

    Honey there another Big Dividend check in the mail!

    Sound so sweet! Our own Grannybones is holding some great dividend paying stocks that pays her a really nice dividend per quarter. She can afford to live through the current " Bear Marker" of last week because she will be collecting another pay check in form of a dividend each and every quarter. Grannybones holds stock ticker symbol (MSB) provider of iron ore pellets. (FRO) A Norweign owned oil tankers, (NAT) American oil tanker, (RWT) real estate, (WHX) American land base royality oil trust fund, (NRT) Germany oil/gas royality trust fund. Now all these stock mention have great dividends and are currently at a perfect entry point at this time thank to the doen turn in the stock market. Frontline (FRO) is a screaming buy right now "WAY UNDER PRICED" and (FRO) is also "Well Known" for it huge upswing in stock price. (FRO) can go up $5.00 in just one week. Now here some good call option stocks to write if that your bag! They are (CHK) (SNDK) (CHK) (CLF) consider also that these stocks do not pay much of a dividends. GrannyBones always stays with her safer than safer dividend investment but she does like to play with her money occasional like her recent buy of a number of call option in stock symbol (DRY) for November and a Strike price of $4.00. Grannybones has a real chance of hitting it big with her quick purchasing of (DRYS) call option the other day.. Reason is once BP seal the well in late August or early July..Drys will easy surpass the strike price of $4.00. Good luck with your ventures.

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