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  • profitasyoucan profitasyoucan Feb 13, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Pros and Cons on GIG stock

    IMO these are a few examples . By all means reply and add your own to these.....

    Pros - 1. The warning is well down range.
    2. The stock sits where it is with the knowledge of at least two of the biggest individual holders selling their positions. Both filed previously and amended after the warning.
    3. Some changes within the company have been made to cut spending (need more).
    4. The CC "should" provide some clarity on what is going on and should support the stock at its current PPS.

    Cons - 1. Trust in management has been further diminished by shareholders.
    2. Changes made in spending are only skin deep.
    3. The BOD's have failed the shareholders in both lines of communication and outright failure to modify compensation at all position levels.
    4. The pending trial costs and expenditures worth the effort on the MMIC technology side? In the event of a loss will there be a counter lawsuit filed?
    5. Not reporting GAAP profitability per share basis............

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Universally when one entity owns too many shares thus has too much control investors will look elsewhere and the pps will suffer. Avi owns way to many shares here for the amount outstanding. The company has become a dictatorship with the outlandish option awards.

      Proxy fight with shareholders banding together may be the only way but will trigger the poison pill.

    • aggies Feb 13, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

      Intellectual property with huge potential.

      Avi has demonstrated that he is absolutely untrustworthy.

      Avi is too stupid to realize that by simply foregoing anymore stock awards, the value of the company would increase significantly, and his net worth would increase by several times.

      The poison pill seems to apply to everyone but Avi.

      CEO looks like a con man in his aviators.

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