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  • stocksith stocksith Feb 20, 2013 10:51 PM Flag


    Not in the least but I do see your posting activity increasing over here which means you are obviously worried about your failed investment in nowave.

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    • Hey ponzi -- looks like you've stepped up your posting activity on the Lightwave board of late. "which means you are obviously worried about your failed investment in [giggles]." Hey, I'd be worried too if I were you. CAN YOU SAY "TANKAROO".? Somebody once said that you use the name stocksith (over here) because you couldn't spell "stocksmith". Is that true? By the way, where are all those dumb friends of yours? Aggies and the rest of the white-sheet , burnt-cross crew?

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      • aggies Feb 21, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

        Snothead (a.k.a. Smegma Breath),

        This has to be one of your cleanest posts ever. Inaccurate as always, but cleaner than usual. There hasn't been much to talk about lately other than yesterday's news and Avi's greed. I've covered what I think of Avi's greed. As for as yesterday's news, I believe that to be most promising once GIG actually starts selling some of the new tech. Therefore, it wasn't worth getting excited about the news, because without sales it means nothing.

        As far as you, is it possible that you want some us to start posting again on your fantasy board. Do you get paid by the post and response? If so, perhaps our local spammer could give you a hand. Otherwise, that shell company you keep pumping has twice the market cap as GIG. Not bad considering that it doesn't even have a product that works in the test tube much less an actual product. Let's not forget that, in what 10 years LWLGs total claimed revenues have been a total of what $1,700 (as in seventeen hundred dollars).

        Good luck with your next public offering. Per you motto "There's a fool born everyday".

      • What is the Ponzi? Profit is short for my ID and I stay away from that board until one the rejects come over here and post. Do you have a mucous condition or are you a mucus plug? Bud either way you see it you require a medical evaluation. - Profit

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