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    Common Sense

    Well Avi/Gig is a company that kind of picks up the pieces of companies that are broken and is paid with enough money in the deal to make the broken entity appear viable for a while, In the next few paragraphs you’ll see 3 examples. Basically post merger Gig adds the declining revenue to theirs and it appears that Gigs business is taking off. Or in the case of the government they remove the revenue number in the past once the business goes away. What is happening now is that they are more than a year out so the actual numbers are surfacing, that is all, nothing else. Hey you have to hand it to him he is a smart guy, but you guys shouldn’t make up things to make this technology out to be more than it is, IMO mediocre at best. Here are the 3 examples

    Gig was formed using the assets of a company but the debt acquired to purchase those assets was left behind in the DBSI BK debacle. Just google it, you’ll see it took a couple years then they settled with a federal judge.

    Lumera, after the CEO left (and they could not find another) Lumera’s technology was given to Gig along with 6 Million in Cash, for that they gave the shareholders 3 million shares. IMO it was to kinda sorta to make it look like they had a viable technology. Obviously if you had a molecule that would work in a next generation modulator you wouldn’t have to pay someone 6 Million Dollars to take it.

    Endwave gave their remaining business to Gig with like 20 Million in cash, the Endwave shareholders were given (LOL), GIG stock that was run up because of the low float. Again why would you have to pay someone to take your business if it was worth anything?

    Gig no longer has a low float the only way they will get back there is another reverse split, just watch it will happen. You guys can no longer run it up on a whim because there are too many endwave shareholders you are kind of between a rock and a hard place. I tried to point this out, but hey don’t listen to reason,

    Remember what Fred L

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    • Remember what Fred Leonberger said last week “Dr. Fred Leonberger stated, "The market for an ultra-high-speed modulator operating at low drive voltage is an enormous commercial opportunity.” Guys Leonberger was the CTO at JDSU and is now at lightwave, Gig has a former CEO of JDSU as an adviser, just ask him if Fred Leonberger knows what he is talking about.

      Folks you cannot make this stuff up. Obviously there is something just not right with the Gig Modulator or the sales would be through the roof, My guess is that because of the cost of the protection for the fragile molecule it is not too expensive.

      Like I said if you were not posting garbage on the Lightwave board I wouldn’t point this out over here, I apologize to anyone that is trying to exit this.

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