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  • rnot_rtoo rnot_rtoo Oct 5, 2009 8:54 AM Flag

    Serious Replies Please!

    I am thinking of investing 5K into this stock and here is my reasoning

    1. Maintaining solid (not strong) revenue during this economic cycle.
    2. Just started sports betting - additional revenue stream.
    3. Starting table games within 6-12 months.
    4. Great Potential to grow.
    5. Once 2 & 3 are up, will take business from AC.
    6. Delaware has always hit homeruns with businesses.



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    • Your logic makes sense to me. Am I missing something? I've been to DDE casino many times, I enjoy this extremely better than going to Alantic City. The employees at Alantic City have a bug up their Azz. The employees at Dover will bend over backwards to help you and make it a pleasant day!

    • I just reinitiated research here as Friday's decline caught my eye. I can't find any company specific information to account for this. ???? Also, the last time I looked at DDE (8/09) possibilities, both plus and minus, included development of the Atlanta Underground project(+) and a Court ruling that legalizing sports betting in Delaware violated federal law (-). Any updates on these? Thanks in advance. H.

    • I think DDE is missing the boat by not being able to start the table games as soon as possible which the May 2009 legislation called for.

      The state legislature is wasting its time doing a study and debating the Millsboro casino, while in the meantime PA and Eastern W. Va may soon implement table games that will draw people from the DC metro area.

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