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  • berrygeorge51 berrygeorge51 Aug 14, 2011 6:51 PM Flag

    Can anyone give me a good reason not to buy this stock ?

    They are profitable.

    Book value is 3.54 versus price of 2.63.

    They are sitting on an all time low at the current price.

    41 % institutional, 34 % insiders,

    15 days short ratio at low volume.

    Seems like a good deal to me either as a short squeeze short term investment or as a longer term "buy and hold " investment"

    Comments ?

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    • YOu will see that as the stock market goes up and economy improves this stock will skyrocket.

    • Here's a reason to possibly not buy...if goofy the dog was a real person he could do a better of running the business than this clueless bunch.

    • I've wanted to buy this stock for a long time but luckily I didn't. Yea I guess a short squeeze is possible but there are tons of issues here.

      Cons: 1) Didn't the company recently say they won't be able to continue making profits if the delaware gaming taxes aren't redone? 2) If they start losing money and they have, a dividend cut is inevitable. 3) If they start losing money, repaying their large debt obligations is going to be an issue. 4) Management tried to takeover dover motor sports so I don't trust their judgement. 6) Margins are always going to be lower than they were. Table games are important to retaining customers, but are not as profitable as the slots they replaced. 5) Leveraged casino stocks are never a good idea when recession talk is around.

      Pros: Yea sure they could get bought out but I'm not looking at this until delaware starts talking about gaming tax reform.

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