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  • bluecheaps4mee bluecheaps4mee Jun 18, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    UNH...Anybody Here Think UNH Didn't Research BEAT

    Inside out, upside down and every whichway but Sunday.....BEFORE they entered into a THREE YEAR DEAL.......with BEAT?

    Yah, UNH is a bunch of fools.......according to the boiler room swamp rats infesting this message board.

    The BEST stocks always attract the knuckledraggers with their filthy lies.

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    • To octaveus26 Absolutely correct, this is follow the leader, and the leader is UNH, all other insurerers will follow suit, they have to, they have to offer as good coverage of services to keep their clients, or even gain new ones. It's all about competition. If the leader auto company's cars come with four wheels......all the rest have to do the same.

      Simple logic !

    • Finally somebody on this board that gets it. Remember, for a long time UNH deemed the technology "experimental" therefore they didn't pay for it. People forget that UNH covers 70 million people. So you are right! Secondly, it appears that the issue with CI is going to arbitration on whether they will start covering it again. With UNH now covering do you think they aren't? I doubt it. When one begins to cover, they all follow so you should probably expect more coverage decisions coming. It helps that the LARGEST (UNH) comes aboard. Just hold on to your shares, these fools up here will learn soon enough.

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